What It Means to Be a DUI Specialist: Insight into Local Practices

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It basically means that the locals know what’s best. This saying is helpful for tourists and people in new social situations, but it is also something to keep in mind when looking for a DUI defense attorney. Insight into how DUI cases are handled in the local area can make a big difference in a defendant’s chances, even more so than representation from a thousand-person corporate defense firm.

Insight into Local Practices: Expect the Expected & Then Some

A DUI defense case won’t be a strictly rigid process that must follow an exact series of steps or expectations. No, instead, you can expect that how your DUI case progresses and is handled by the state will vary depending on where you were arrested and where your charges are being processed. Why? Put simply, people in many different roles will work on your case, and people are all unique.

People and parties who can get involved with a DUI case include:

  • Highway patrol officers
  • Prosecutors
  • Judges
  • BAC diagnostic lab technicians
  • Local jurors

Everyone who is involved in your DUI case can change how it progresses and might even affect the outcome. Each person will have their own approach to the situation based on their personal experiences, education, training, and preferences, too. A DUI attorney who doesn’t know the locals won’t be able to anticipate a lot of what could happen and why.

On the other hand, a DUI specialist will take the time to get to know more about the local professionals who will be involved with the case, most of them on the other side of it. At DUIHeroes, our DUI attorneys are proud to be a highly recognized name throughout Washington, especially in the up and down the I-5 corridor in Snohomish and King counties (near Lynnwood where we are headquartered). We often know many of the people involved with a client’s case on a first-name basis, so we will also know the most likely steps that they’re going to take and what they will be expecting of us and our client. In this way, personal insight can be leveraged to make our client’s cases even stronger and in ways that most other criminal defense firms can’t manage.

Insightful DUI Lawyers are Standing By

If you’re facing a DUI charge, even a first-time DUI, give yourself the powerful defense that you deserve. Come to DUIHeroes to work with truly insightful attorneys who know the ins and outs of local legal processes and professionals. With our localized knowledge that is backed by an in-depth understanding of DUI laws, you can be confident that your story will be told and your rights as a DUI defendant will be respected.

Choose the legal team that understands and supports you. Call DUIHeroes at (425) 296-9358 now.

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