What It Means to Be a DUI Specialist: Better Results

In this special blog series about DUI specialists, we have covered everything from reputation and resources to focus and local insight. However, none of that really means much if the DUI specialist who has them doesn’t get positive case results for their clients. After all, you hire an attorney after being impressed with their qualifications, but you’re really hiring them to do their best to get the results you hope for.

Better Results: Finding Ways to Win Against the Odds

While all the factors that make a DUI attorney a DUI specialist are ultimately not as important as the results that they can often get for their clients, it’s those factors that let them get those results, as we have established throughout this blog series.

A lawyer with years of experience will simply know much more than someone who just started practicing DUI law, so the chances of seeing a better path through the case for the client will be higher for the specialist. An attorney who focuses only on DUI defense will have more time to devote to a client’s case, so the risk of missing something important will decrease immensely. A DUI specialist who has access to a plethora of resources will be able to take technical and creative angles while building a case, angles that an attorney without those resources simply won’t be able to take.

It all adds up to a presumably higher chance of securing a positive case outcome for a DUI defense client, such as case dismissal, charge reduction, or being found not guilty.

No Guarantees But Promises

A long history of incredible case results for our clients at DUIHeroes makes us very confident in our abilities to defend anyone who contacts our law firm after being arrested for a DUI. Yet we would never guarantee that we can get one result or another for a client. Indeed, no DUI specialist who takes their career and reputation seriously would make such a guarantee because it can’t be made.

No matter how much experience, focus, resources, and more are at the disposal of a DUI specialist, it is impossible to guarantee a certain case result. Why? Every single case is different and must be handled strictly by its own merits, so it’s not possible to know what will come up during a case and how the court will react. If you talk to a criminal defense lawyer who “guarantees” that your case will end in your favor, they are either saying anything to get you to hire them or they have misunderstood just how many factors go into the average DUI case. Either way, it is not good.

At DUIHeroes, we don’t make guarantees, but we do make promises. When you’re our client, we promise to do everything in our power – backed by decades of collective experience, insight, and DUI case knowledge – to support your case and defend your rights, driving privileges, and reputation in the community. We promise to see you as a friend and treat you like an equal, not a case number or faceless client. We promise to listen to you and make sure that your voice is valuable and heard. We promise to care about your case because it’s what we would expect if the situation was the other way around.

Your DUI Specialists are Standing By – Call Now

Will hiring a DUI specialist over a non-specialized criminal defense lawyer – or sticking with an overworked public defender – help you win your DUI case? Statistically and historically, the chances of success will increase in your favor, even if it can never be guaranteed how a case will end.

If you or a loved one have been arrested for a DUI in Washington and need someone to stand up for you, choose DUIHeroes first. Our DUI attorneys are known as leaders in the DUI defense practice not just throughout the state but also across the country. See for yourself the difference that our representation can make – contact us online now or dial (425) 296-9358 to request a free, confidential case evaluation.

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