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DUI Lawyers in Snohomish County Protect Your Commercial Driver License

The penalties for DUI affect CDL holders more than other people. While most people are at risk of professional embarrassment after a DUI conviction, CDL holders are some of the only people who could lose their entire career overnight. That's why our Snohomish County CDL DUI lawyers put all of our resources behind fighting your charges. 

If you depend on your commercial driver license (CDL) to make a living, losing it to a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction would be unthinkable. The first chance you get after being pulled over for a DUI—whether you were in a commercial vehicle for work or your personal vehicle—call on DUIHeroes. We are a nationally recognized DUI defense team led by Attorney Jonathan Dichter, a leading DUI defense specialist with in-depth experience and insight few other attorneys can claim. With your life and livelihood hanging in the balance, don’t take your CDL DUI case to anyone else.

Call (425) 296-9358 immediately to request a free case evaluation with DUIHeroes.

BAC Limits for CDL Carriers

In Washington, the law is stricter on commercial vehicle drivers when it comes to determining “legal intoxication.” Instead of the typical 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit that applies to DUI cases, operators of commercial vehicles are subjected to the lower BAC limit of 0.04. If you were driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC of 0.04 or greater, you are considered “legally intoxicated” and can be charged with a DUI, even if your driving ability was seemingly not impaired.

Keep in mind that your CDL can be impacted by a DUI arrest that occurs when you had been operating your personal vehicle, like the family car or minivan. Any DUI arrest not only jeopardizes your personal driver license but your CDL, too, through disqualification. A first-time DUI involving the use of a personal vehicle can bar you from operating commercial vehicles for up to a year; subsequent convictions can disqualify you for life. 

Penalties for CDL DUIs in Washington State

A DUI charge filed against you for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired can disqualify you from having a CDL. Disqualification is similar to suspension in that it prevents you from legally operating any vehicles that require a CDL for as long as it is disqualified.

Disqualification duration depends on the details of your arrest, such as:

  • First CDL DUI charge: One-year CDL disqualification
  • First CDL DUI charge while transporting hazardous materials: Three-year CDL disqualification
  • Second CDL DUI charge (any cargo): Indefinite or “for life” disqualification

The impact of even a first-time DUI means it's even more crucial for CDL holders to fight their charges. Our Snohomish County CDL DUI attorneys recognize what's at stake for you, and we build your defense accordingly.

Professional Consequences of CDL DUIs

Do you require a CDL to complete your regular job duties? CDL disqualification for a DUI could immediately and significantly impact your career and income. You could even be fired for not having a CDL. As an at-will employment state, Washington employment law allows employers to terminate an employee for any reason that doesn’t violate employment law, which includes being unable to do the work required of them. If you can’t complete your work because your CDL has been disqualified, your employer can—and probably will—terminate your employment.

For most commercial vehicle operators who are arrested for a DUI, the loss of their job are just as concerning as penalties like jail time and fines. If you could lose your job because of a CDL DUI in Snohomish County, call (425) 296-9358 right now. The sooner DUIHeroes can intervene, the sooner we can work to protect your CDL and career.

Can You Get Your CDL Back?

You can requalify your commercial driver license if and only if you have one related DUI incident on your record. If you have two DUI incidents on your record, you are permanently barred from using requalification procedures. The Washington State Department of Licensing handles requalification procedures for CDL holders.

If you are eligible to requalify your CDL are its disqualification duration ends, you will need to:

  • Pay a requalification fee.
  • Prove your ability to lawfully reside in the United States.
  • Pass Commercial Driver License knowledge tests.
  • Earn a Commercial Learner’s Permit.
  • Pass a commercial vehicle driving skills test.
  • Meet CDL training requirements (usually includes additional CDL training).
  • Complete Transportation Security Administration hazmat training courses (if you will transport hazardous materials).

Worried that you could lose the option to requalify because you have had a CDL-related DUI conviction before? With the help of DUIHeroes, you can fight to keep a second incident off your driving record, so you can requalify or keep your CDL.

How DUIHeroes Protects Your CDL & Job

At DUIHeroes, everyday heroics make a big difference. For our CDL DUI clients, this means that we can step in and handle every part of a DUI case involving a commercial vehicle or a commercial driver license. As proud Snohomish County locals, we take every case to heart. We know that you depend on your CDL, and when you choose us to defend and represent your future, you'll see the many ways that we go above and beyond your expectations to protect your future against the harsh consequences of a CDL DUI.

DUIHeroes can help with all parts of your CDL DUI case in Washington State, including:

  • Intervening early to stop an investigation if you were arrested but not charged yet.
  • Investigating the incident to look for useful evidence or issues with the arrest process.
  • Defending you during any criminal proceedings or trials.
  • Representing you during any administrative hearings, such as for CDL disqualifications.
  • Attempting to negotiate a plea deal or similar solution that could allow you to keep your CDL.
  • And much, much more.

Don’t Delay – Call DUIHeroes Today

Give your livelihood a chance against a DUI by working with the Snohomish County CDL DUI attorneys of DUIHeroes. Throughout our many years of practice experience, our success record for reducing or eliminating DUI charges against our clients is 90%! When the situation is stacked against you, defend yourself and your future with the nationally recognized team that has proven its strength, time and again.

If you’re facing CDL-related DUI charges in Snohomish County or Washington State, we want to help. Dial 1-800-DUI-HERO to schedule your FREE consultation. Our hotline is open 24/7/365 for client emergencies.

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