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DUI Drug Lawyer in Lynnwood, WA

DUI Cases Involving Drugs in Washington State

The crime of driving under the Influence (DUI) also includes driving while impaired by drugs. Drivers can be charged with a DUI involving drugs for the use of illegal substances as well as prescription drugs. Most DUI cases involving drugs are based on the subjective evaluation of the arresting officer. Recently, law enforcement has begun using drug recognition experts who have been trained to evaluate DUI drug suspects.

The penalties in a DUI drug case are similar to cases involving intoxication. They include:

DUIHeroes is a reliable DUI firm that provides skilled representation to clients charged with a DUI that involves drugs. Our founder is a proven Lynnwood DUI attorney who has received extensive DUI training through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - the same courses taken by police. He is extremely adept at challenging DUI test results and subjective assessments of a person's alleged drug impairment.

Defense for Drug DUI Charges in Washington

Unlike DUI arrests for intoxication in which a person is considered legally drunk if their blood alcohol content is .08% or higher, there is no established limit for drug use. Sometimes blood tests will detect the presence of drugs in a person's system, but it is usually police observation and the outcome of field sobriety testing that determines if a person will be charged with drug-related DUI. Our firm will attack every weakness in the prosecution's case and ardently protect your rights.

Contact a Lynnwood DUI of drugs attorney at 1 (800) DUI-HERO if you have been charged with a DUI involving drugs for immediate representation and seasoned legal counsel.


"The vision of DUIHeroes is to change the way the public views individuals charged with a criminal offense. And, to change the way they view the criminal defense attorneys who ethically and professionally stand up for and defend the rights of those individuals every day, because those rights are guaranteed to every single one of us. No matter what."

- Founding Attorney, Jonathan Dichter

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