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      "Jonathan was always patient and always available."

      Jonathan was always patient and always available to answer our many questions in detail and in an understandable fashion. He displayed superior intelligence and creativity to ensure that my daughter's case ended with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Jonathan Dichter without reservation.

      Linda Mill Creek, WA
      "Best DUI defense attorney in Washington."

      I highly recommend him to anyone who needs someone to represent them with the type of knowledge, diligence and care that Jonathan and his team provide. Best DUI defense attorney in Washington.

      "Thank you DUI Heroes, your team rocks!"

      After shopping around for a lawyer I decided to choose DUI Heroes. I made a great decision because they helped me every step of the way. They were on time, communicative, and just very nice people. People that I would want to represent me in a life-changing case. If you had a question over the weekend or were nervous or something in your mind with your case, they will help ease that bad feeling. You can call or email any of them and they will help you. Outstanding customer care. I don’t think that I could have gotten a better deal without the knowledge and professionalism. Even the judge mentioned that I hired a very great team. Katie Thomason was the one that really helped me in my case, but really all three of the lawyers worked together and had my back. 100% confident and would refer to anyone. Just like any tattoo, you get what you pay for. In this case, well worth the money. Thank you DUI Heroes, your team rocks!

      "Look no further and hire DUI Heroes!"

      Watching Jonathan in court today made me realize you only get one chance and you want to go with the best. Jonathan is truly the most knowledgeable in DUI defense. My wife’s DUI case and traffic infraction were DISMISSED! My wife required an interpreter as English was her second language. Jonathan and the team were very patent taking the time to speak to my wife in a way she would understand. After court today even the interpreter commented to my wife, we picked a great attorney. Believe me, DUI is a very complicated and scary process and you want a great team to lead you. Thinking back, it was a great value hiring DUI Heroes. Just please trust the DUI Heroes team! Thank you, Rachel, Katie, Karah, and Jonathan. We won today!

      "We highly recommend this entire team!"

      Really great experience with Jonathan and the team. They answered every question we had and treated our situation with respect, thoughtfulness, and care - even answering the most benign queries after hours (as though it was no big deal at all.) We highly recommend this entire team!

      "They take care of their clients to the max."

      Very professional to work with and they take care of their clients to the max. Would recommend to anyone!

      "I recognize and respect the team's level of expertise and professionalism..."

      Thank you for your outstanding work and commitment to my case. I am very pleased with the services that I retained on such a short notice. I recognize and respect the team's level of expertise and professionalism, and I could never have gone through such an unfortunate experience on my own. I am beyond appreciative of the team's continuous support, communication, and updates on my case. Again, I want to thank you and your team for your outstanding work. Although I hope to never go through such an unfortunate experience again, I will absolutely keep you in mind if myself or anyone I know needs an expert level of representation.

      "They supported and fought for me through all of my legal challenges!"

      I will never be able to express the amount of gratitude I have for these amazing people. They supported and fought for me through all of my legal challenges, always showing me compassion and respect. Thank you for all of the hard work and amazing outcomes!!!

      "That's when I saw the miracle happen!"

      I was almost suicidal over a dui case, when I saw what Jonathan was famous for. During my trial, he came to life, effortlessly demonstrating his superior skills in the courtroom! He told me trust him, trust my judge, and trust my jury. I listened, and that’s when I saw the miracle happen! He got my case dismissed! Thank you, Jonathan!

      S.C. Auburn, WA
      "I couldn't have done it without him and I am forever grateful for the passion and professionalism he put into my case!"

      I don't even know where to begin. Jonathan has been more than an amazing attorney. I've been in the legal industry for 13 years and I know the difference between good attorneys and not so good attorneys. He is the best and for multiple reasons. When I got charged for a DUI and was scared I decided to interview Jonathan based on ratings and attorneys that I know who knew him. He was great and knowledgeable. He also gave me a few other referrals in case I didn't go with him which shows me he cares about clients more than just money like some attorneys. Through the process he was always there, always prepared and more of a friend and a sound voice than I expected. He won my case and I'm confident if I went with someone else they would not have put in the time, effort, and research he did to get me the justice I needed. I was actually impressed at his defense and knowledge. Blown away. If you find yourself in need of a great attorney, I highly recommend Jonathan Dichter. Even if I didn't win my case I knew he did everything possible to protect me and cared far more than another attorney would have and my recommendation would still be the same. I couldn't have done it without him and I am forever grateful for the passion and professionalism he put into my case!

      A.T Monroe, WA
      "The perfect choice."

      Rachel and the attorneys at DUI Heroes were the right choice for me. I had made a mistake one night and they coached me through all of the processes going forward and prepared me for what was to come. They treated me with respect and dignity at a time when I needed it most. Rachel was able to negotiate my DUI charge down to reckless driving, saving me a world of embarrassment and hard questions to be answered by my children. Thank you!

      "They work as a team and it shows. I would recommend DUI Heroes to my friends, family, or anyone needing legal counsel."

      This review is a bit overdue, but very much deserved. DUI Heroes was the saving grace of my summer. I received a DUI charge mid-summer and had one day to find legal counsel before my first court date. I called and spoke to Jonathan on a Sunday and he was there on Monday morning for my first court date. From the very beginning, I knew I was in good hands with the DUI Heroes legal team, their experience and commitment was evident from the start, and followed through until the very end. My charge was reduced, my fines absolutely minimal and the whole process streamlined and made easy. I would like to thank Rachel for all the work she put into my case and Karah for always being there to answer any questions I may have or connect me to one of the attorneys. They work as a team and it shows. I would recommend DUI Heroes to my friends, family, or anyone needing legal counsel.

      "I call her my hero!"

      On June 2nd 2022, Katie changed my life and I loudly, proudly and emotionally say she changed it for the best. We met at the court house and I could barely hold a breath but I could tell Katie could offer me a breath if I had asked her.

      She professionally and respectfully used her experience to urge my case and the judge granted us a DISMISSAL. My case was DISMISSED.

      I wish I could do something just to show her how overwhelmed I was. When I stepped out of the court room, I knelt down in front of the court house and said her name so loud people surrounded me to asked me who KATIE was and I proudly told them - Katie has just saved my life as I shaded tears of JOY. One random lady comforted me, offered me a bottle of water and walked me to the bus station. Katie Thomason @ DUI hero’s - please accept my sincere warm thanx. Thank you! Again, again, again and again and again!

      I will keep my word and I promise never to get in trouble. Much as lawyers are there to defend us, it’s DEFINITELY NOT OK to drink and drive. Big up DUI HEROS!

      "Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
      "1st class"

      1st class results, thanks.

      "Very Happy"

      Thank you so much for doing all you can on every case. Very happy with how the office operates

      "Would recommend you to friends and family!"

      You made an unpleasant situation get resolved quickly. Would recommend you to friends and family! Thank you

      "Can't thank you enough!"

      Jonathan did a great job taking care of my fears. I don't feel like there could have been a better outcome. Can't thank you enough!

      S.M. Monroe, WA
      "I would most certainly recommend your office!"

      Thank you for all your help and patience during this whole procedure. If I ever need to recommend a lawyer, I would most certainly recommend your office! Thank you!

      C.M. Lynnwood, WA
      "Jonathan goes above and beyond"

      Jonathan made me feel safe during the worst time in my life. He and his staff always treated me with respect and not like a product of my mistake. Jonathan goes above and beyond his job description. He really truly cares about what you're going through, your understanding and how you're feeling. Even if he didn't get my DUI dropped to a reckless driving (which he did) I would have been 100% happy in just not going through this difficult time alone and having him by my side. Thank you for everything!

      "I felt taken care of from start to finish."

      Thanks again Jon and Christy. I will certainly spread the word about your office and law competency. I felt taken care of from start to finish. I am thrilled with the outcome of the case and thank you for making the process so uncomplicated.

      "The results of the case could not be better. Jonathan was an awesome attorney."

      The results of the case could not be better. Jonathan was an awesome attorney and I hope to never need his services again, but if I do I will definitely hire him again.

      B.N. Lynnwood, WA
      "I'm very glad I found him for my case because he worked very hard for me and saved me from the dreaded maximum consequences."

      Jonathan is definitely a man of his word. He tells his clients the true facts and puts everything in terms of reality. I'm very glad I found him for my case because he worked very hard for me and saved me from the dreaded maximum consequences.

      P.A. Everett, WA
      "Jonathan really went to bat for me and I am almost positive that my case would not have had as good of a result had I picked another lawyer."

      Jonathan really went to bat for me and I am almost positive that my case would not have had as good of a result had I picked another lawyer. I still think about how grateful I am for him every day. I believe that our success came from the fact that he recognized my worth as a person and not just another case. Thank you!

      G.S. Edmonds, WA
      "I will refer him to anyone I know!"

      I was so lost and scared before I called Jonathan. The first thing he said to me is it will be okay, and he meant it. He turned a horrible mistake into something I could handle. I will refer him to anyone I know!

      A.S. Lynnwood, WA
      "The best representation I could ask for"

      During my first conversation with Jonathan, he made me feel that he was understanding and willing to help me. I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders instantly. Through the whole process I felt that he was on my side and gave me the best representation I could ask for. Thank you!

      J.K. Lynnwood, WA
      "No jail time!"

      I got my 2nd DUI while still on probation for my 1st and thanks to Jonathan Dichter, I still got the 2nd dropped to Reckless Driving with no jail time! Thanks for everything!

      N.B. Lynnwood, WA
      "HIGHLY recommend Jonathan Dichter!!!"

      If you got a DUI then Jonathan Dichter is your guy! He is respectable responsible and a true professional. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to the law. I have gotten 3 DUI’s in the last 2 1/2 years and Jonathan has taken care of all my cases. He was kind caring and compassionate towards my situation and was in constant communication with me. Walking me through all the steps of my cases keeping me aware of any and all possible options i had available. He made getting through my situation feel like a walk in the park. With Jonathan's diligent hard work on my cases I served a grand total of 2 days in Jail. Which is completely unheard of for someone who got 3 DUI’s in 2 1/2 years. Jonathan has been a true godsend to me and a real pleasure to work with. I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan Dichter!!!

      J.C. Olympia, WA
      "Results were delivered"

      Outstanding!! DUI Heroes helped and gave me confidence in my darkest hour. I called at 9:30 PM and Jonathan answered immediately! Action was taken and results were delivered. Thanks again!

      C.O. Oak Harbor, WA
      "happy with your services and professionalism"

      Jonathan, I was very happy with your services and professionalism during our one hour free consultation. I was very upset and nervous after I hired you and you told me to relax because you’d take care of everything. You were completely right! I’m very happy with the outcome of my case and how FAST you handled everything!

      C.P. Lynnwood, WA
      "took the pressure and worry out of the situation"

      My son was in an extremely difficult situation. Dealing with it was physically draining until we hired Jonathan. He took the pressure and worry out of the situation. Even though his work is complete, we know we can call him if we come up with any problems. He and his staff are extremely available.

      C.J., Lynnwood, WA
      "You are god sent!"

      Dear Jonathan - Thank you so much for all your hard work that you do for everyone that needs you! You are god sent!

      J.P. Everett, WA
      "poised to win any fight"

      Mr. Dichter is a compassionate gentleman that not only has an exceptional command of the legal system, protocol and the law, but has a keen sense of human nature and approaches his clients and the people they are against with rare sense of dignity and ethics for all involved. He is patient and thorough and cares about the people he represents. He went out of his way to take care of me and help me through a difficult issue. I have not encountered this type of professionalism, skill and compassion from any professional, legal or other wise. He is competent, skilled and poised to win any fight he agrees to represent. A good lawyer and a good human being. Very well respected in the legal community which is an asset as well as a strong indicator of an individual who operates at the highest level in their profession. Mr. Dichter was kind and thorough in explaining my legal conflict and my options. He had a strong command of the process and the protocol and helped me plan a defense that was in alignment to my moral values but did not leave me exposed. We attended court and his respected presence in the court room was immediately apparent and the judge obviously held him in high esteem. He was well spoken and polite to all people involved yet never wavered in his role as my advocate. He represented me well and did not let harm come to me and he kept me from sabotaging myself as well. I got the legal outcome I was seeking and I gained a friend. Mr. Dichter is a class act.

      J.W. Mill Creek, WA
      "worth every penny"

      Although it was expensive for your services, I believe it was worth every penny. You led me through the legal process with ease and professionalism. Anyone hesitant about his services should rest assured that the peace of mind you receive will far outweigh the financial investment.

      S.G.S. Burien, WA
      "Jonathan is wonderful and rare"

      Overall a very good experience! The care and empathy exhibited by Jonathan is wonderful and rare. Thanks so much for all your hard work and understanding. You guys are great!

      K.G. Lynnwood, WA
      "An expert at what he does"

      I am in the military so naturally when I got pulled over for a 1st time low BAC DUI, I thought my life was over. I found Jonathan on this site, and took a chance with him and i’m so glad that I did. I’ve never been to court before and Jonathan made it as comfortable as it can be for someone in my situation. He’s an expert at what he does, and you can see that with how fast my case was. charged in Late July, Court in August, Negotiated down to Neg Driving 1st by Early September. He is honest, discrete, and kind. I RECOMMEND JONATHAN DICHTER to anyone MILITARY OR CIVILIAN who wants to fix a mistake. Thanks for all your hard work Jonathan.

      A.B. Tacoma, WA
      "went well above and beyond"

      Jonathan consistently went well above and beyond to ensure I had full understanding of situation I was facing in Snohomish County.

      M.H. Everett, WA
      "Truly grateful for all that you have done."

      Dear Jonathan, I wanted to thank you so much for all you have helped me with over the past few years. You have showed such kindness and compassion towards me. I am truly grateful for all that you have done.

      C.N. Seattle, WA
      "forthright, honest, & communicates well"

      Jonathan represented me in a Felony DUI case which resulted in the best outcome possible of a gross misdemeanor. Jonathan is forthright, honest, communicates well ( layman's language) and makes you feel that you are in capable hands immediately. He does not mislead, he tells it like it is, does a thorough case study and then gives you your options based on what is best for you not what is good for him. Most attorney are always thinking about what avenue is most cost effective for them and not willing to go the whole mile. Jonathan stayed with me until we reached the close of my case and the completion of his representation. I highly recommend him.

      R.J. Everett, WA
      "He will go the extra step for you"

      In the last five months, I have been in contact with Jonathan quite often regarding my case. It was particularly important for me that I was treated with respect and concern. Jonathan was kind in a very professional manner giving his legal advice, and I know that everything that could be done was covered. I have dealt with other attorneys and mainly spoke to their paralegals and felt like I was not able to have contact with my attorney. Not so with Jonathan, he was consistently available to answer my calls. He will go the extra step for you .. taking the time to do additional research to represent you. I highly recommend him.

      A.B. Marysville, WA
      "the right man for the job"

      At my first court appearance with Jon, he arrived early and had us scheduled first on the agenda. That tiny bit of dedication assured me I picked the right man for the job.

      S.P. Lynnwood, WA
      "highly skilled and professional"

      Jonathan Dichter is a highly skilled and professional attorney. He exceeded my expectations in all areas. Strongly recommend him to others.

      D.S. Bellevue, WA
      "Jonathan worked his magic"

      I am 46 years old and never thought that I would need a lawyer, but then I did. So what did I do, I called the first one in the phone book assuming that all lawyers are the same. Big mistake- all he did was show up and postpones the court date several times. Then I found your firm and after checking around you have a great reputation and I now know why. After one office visit I was already feeling calmer and safer. Jonathan explained the whole process at my level and did not treat me as if I was ignorant because I don’t speak legalese. Then Jonathan worked his magic and made my frustration with the system go away. What could have been a career ending situation was turned into a more then happy moment. I hope to never again need legal service, but if I do, your firm is the only one I will call. I am forever indebted to you and Jonathan for giving my life back.

      B.W. Burien, WA
      "very knowledgeable about laws current and past"

      We want to share our positive experience working with Jonathan and his staff in resolving old DUI cases that had not been resolved. After approximately 12 years we discovered that two DUIs were still pending in the state of Washington. New rules allowing and requiring criminal background checks for employment purposes can bring up some interesting things you may have forgotten, or hoped to forget. Jonathan is very knowledgeable about laws current and past, knows the system well, and was able to negotiate and reduce the DUIs to much less harmful charges and much lower fines. At first the legal fees seemed steep but it was well spent as any conviction will have lifelong consequences.

      S.D. Redmond, WA
      "cared about my case and my well being"

      I have never been in trouble with the law before so I never thought I would have to research attorneys for my DUI that I received in July 2008. I met or talked to at least 10 other DUI attorneys before I met with Jonathan. Let me just say HE WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! He was the first attorney that I felt actually cared about my case and my well being. When talking to Jonathan about my case I could feel his wealth of knowledge, confidence, and determination to do everything possible to fight for my case. I remember that he told me two things at our first meeting: 1) don’t get in trouble and the most important, put all your worries in a backpack and leave them at the door and let me worry about your case. How many attorneys tell you that you can call them anytime 24/7 even if it is 3:00 am and you are stressed out? I had a horrible summer because of stressing over the DUI until I met with Jonathan. When I left my initial appointment with him, that was the first time I was happy and relieved and was able to say that everything will be ok. I even cried on the drive home because I felt like I got my life back. Jonathan is very professional and personable and has a true passion for what he does and that is reflected in not just my review, but every other review I read about him.

      M.A. Shoreline, WA
      "I can’t say enough about his work"

      Jonathan was courteous, professional, compassionate, and extremely competent. We at first tried to go with the Public Defender. Huge mistake. I highly recommend Jonathan. He was very patient in answering all of my questions, very quick to return phone calls, and very reassuring throughout the process. I can’t say enough about his work, and am happy to give him a very high recommendation.

      C.M. Lynnwood, WA
      "I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

      I researched about 10 different attorneys in my area. The first time I got in touch with Jonathan Dichter I felt a weight lifted. He was very comforting and knowledgeable about my situation. If I had any questions or concerns, not only did I speak with him directly but Jonathan contacted me in a timely manner. During the process I never once felt neglected or confused about what was happening. This was my very first experience dealing with an attorney and I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thank you!!

      A.A. Snohomish County, WA
      "The result was the best possible"

      Jonathan, I want to thank you for making a very frightening situation manageable. My son’s case was likely very simple and straightforward for you to handle. The result was the best possible and the experience was one of positive growth for him.

      J.C. Snohomish County, WA
      "compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental"

      Jonathan and his staff were extremely responsive and always ensured that my questions were answered fully and that I had a clear understanding of what they meant. They were compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental. I appreciated the time spent with me, but also that Jonathan was happy to discuss things over the phone rather than need to meet in person, accommodating my schedule. I’m confident that my case outcome was better having hired Jonathan than it would have been had I not.

      M.E. Everett, WA
      "Jonathan kept me sane"

      Jonathan kept me sane during this tough and to me terrifying case. I had a satisfactory reduction on my charge and kept my driving privileges. I am very pleased overall with the outcome.

      V.H. Des Moines, WA
      "I had an amazing experience with DUI Heroes"

      I had an amazing experience with DUI Heroes. I was very overwhelmed and anxious over my case, and Jonathan made the experience a lot easier. The outcome of my case was beyond satisfactory. Thank you so much!

      N.S. Redmond, WA
      "This man gets results and I would definetly use him again"

      When looking for a lawyer I went to Avvo to find one with a good rating as i was terribly frightened of the consequences of my stupid actions. I found Johnathan who was rated 10.0. Let me tell you, he lived up to his rating 100%. From the minute I walked into to his office Johnathan seemed very professional as well as highly knowledgeable. But as I started working on my case with Johnathan I found that he was more than just an advocate for my freedom, but actually someone who really cares about getting results for his clients. It was clear every time we were in the court room that Johnathan was highly regarded in the area, as he always sat down and i would watch multiple lawyers come talk to him as if he was the man to ask if they had a question. After having two DUI's in less than two months Johnathan was able to get me the mandatory minimum one day in jail as well as win my DOL hearing. This man gets results and i would definitely use him again, although I will never put myself in a position to where i need him again.

      "If you get charged with a DUI, don't even hesitate to call Johnathan."

      To be honest, I can't even explain how amazing of a lawyer Johnathan is. I got to listen to him defend me in my DOL hearing and all I can say is WOW. He knows all his laws and rules and he knows how to use them. If you get charged with a DUI, don't even hesitate to call Johnathan. He kept my license from being suspended and because he won my DOL hearing, the court threw out my DUI. He does not waste your time and leaves no stone left unturned. Hands down, he is the best at what he does!

      Nicole O
      "DUI? Jonathan is your guy."

      DUI? Jonathan is your guy. I could write a lot trying to convince you of this, as my experience with Jonathan was exceptional, but I will just share one telling anecdote. My case went to trial, and it was actually fun watching Jonathan run circles around the prosecutor. When the trial was over, our judge (a man on the bench for 26 years) told me I had chosen an excellent attorney. I couldn't agree more!

      Matt H
      "Jonathan has been a true source of comfort."

      Throughout what has been an otherwise very stressful and almost unbearable time in my life, Jonathan has been a true source of comfort. With his knowledge in the field, wisdom of life and kindness towards others, I am comforted being a client of his and receiving humble and human treatment. He has also been gracious enough to take payments. Tough learning lessons are times when we need the most support and Jonathan really feels like family. He answers his phone always and will call back quickly if he cannot. He answered my call one day when he was in Disneyland with his daughter and wife. My dearest brother found Jonathan for me and Jonathan has an excellent history with refusals, which I did. I have trial coming up and trust that I will be in good hands with Jonathan and that the court system as he instills the knowledge within the court system and staff and I will walk away from there affirmed in his professionalism and expertise.

      Sige Everett, WA
      "Jonathan is extremely professional and highly knowledgeable."

      1. Jonathan is extremely professional and highly knowledgeable. 2. I always felt like I was being very well taken care of. He kept me posted and walked me through everything every step of the way. He helped ease my mind throughout all of this process. 3. His staff is very caring and kind. They were there for me through this life-changing event in my life. 4. I was always able to get in touch with him and if he was unavailable he always returned my call as soon as he could. 5. Any questions I had he was able to answer. 6. I highly recommend Jonathan Dichter of DUI Heroes. He truly is an expert and leader in DUI defense. Thank you!

      Anonymous Snohomish County, WA
      "Exceeded my expectations! Jonathan is simply the best at what he does!"

      I sought out Jonathan’s services over 1 year ago as I was charged with DUI w/refusal. Anyone would have written me off as guilty upon hearing the circumstances involved in my case, Jonathan never once conveyed to me that he believed me to be guilty throughout the duration of my case. I’d never been accused of a DUI before and was feeling very embarrassed when talking to Jonathan about it initially. He normalized my perspective, reminded me that what caused the situation had already passed, and encouraged me to focus on the present and future. Jonathan did everything within his power to help assuage my fears, embarrassment, and concerns by educating me on the process of a DUI case, communicating with 100% transparency, and exuding a very high level of confidence in his abilities, which was only surpassed by his ability to back it up. Jonathan is well known in the Snohomish County court system, but my case was being tried in Pierce County. This detail didn’t impact Jonathan’s confidence one bit. In fact, when the court demonstrated a clear bias for the State’s case and perspective, this seemed to fuel Jonathan even more to win my case. Using his expertise in the field and his powerful presence in court, the result was that Jonathan succeeded in winning my case! The case was dismissed and I didn’t receive any fines or penalties! I couldn’t have asked for more and this was the best possible outcome! There were also several qualities that Jonathan demonstrated that distinguish him as the best there is at what he does in my mind. A few of these qualities included the following: -He was extremely responsive to all of my communications, whether they be via phone, email, or text. And he certainly means it when he says you can call him 24hrs a day! -He wasn’t afraid of the potential of blazing a new trail in case law with my case. In other words, he doesn’t just conduct his work within the framework of prior case results. He looks for any and all possibilities. -Jonathan highly values & prioritizes customer service (he gave me a Starbucks gift card just because an appointment before one of mine with him went over by a few minutes). -He was very open and understanding of my financial situation in regards to setting up a payment plan that worked for me. He also was open to postponing my final payment a couple of weeks due to unforeseen financial circumstances I encountered at the time. -He waived fees for me as a result of the circumstances we’d encountered with the court. -While working on my case, he encountered a significant life event that could have served as a distraction to his work. Regardless of this, he never faltered in his efforts to win my case and I never got the sense he was focused on anything else but my case. -After court was dismissed, the jury all stayed after to chat with Jonathan about his fine work in court. Several of the jury members were so impressed with his work in my case that they asked him for his business card in case they ever were in a similar predicament! -He has his adorable dog in his office. This simple detail helped to make me feel more comfortable in a very stressful and embarrassing situation. -His secretary/assistant is quite possibly the most genuinely nice person you will ever encounter! She made the logistical side of things extremely easy and I never got off the phone with her without a smile on my face. -The investigator that he provides to serve as an expert witness in his cases was also very professional and seemed very confident in Jonathan’s abilities. -I noticed he is very prompt in arriving to court hearings and is often the first counsel in attendance (which helps with getting in and getting out of court hearing quickly). Jonathan will fight tooth and nail for you using all that he has at his disposal to obtain the best possible outcome. I can’t imagine going through my experience without Jonathan’s support and can’t thank him enough for his help!

      "It was always instant comfort when I saw him in the court room"

      From the very beginning of a very unsettling ordeal, Jonathan put me at ease. He always kept me informed of what to expect and he is highly professional yet very comforting as he understands this is a very hard chapter that you are going through. I never felt like " this is just another case, or this is " just a job" for him. He wants the best results for his clients and he works hard to get you that end result. I could reach him, with whatever question I had, day or night, he responded to it right away. I would often times send him late night emails with questions I would think of and in my subject line I would say " DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS TONIGHT OR EVEN THIS WEEKEND~ WAIT UNTIL YOUR IN THE OFFICE" and he would always reply right away~ and say " you know better than that! I will not leave you hanging ~ you have a question~ here is your answer"! It was always instant comfort when I saw him in the court room ~ I knew everything was going to be okay! He got me the best possible outcome for my case ~ And I am so grateful. Highly recommend him.

      T.D. Monroe, WA
      "Jonathan and his assistant were very helpful"

      Thank you, you guys are awesome! Jonathan and his assistant were very helpful, thorough, and professional. Jonathan is very confident and knowledgeable which brought me great relief in an extremely stressful time.

      C.B. Monroe, WA
      "Never fear when johathan is here"

      Unbelievable!!! I went to Jonathan because I got pulled over and arrested for a maryjauna dui . I have a very bad driving record , 4 dui's,many driving on suspended a couple of hit and runs .just bad. I have worked very hard to keep out of trouble for the last ten years, then this cop pulls me over for not having my headlights on, my eyes were red and she was certain I was impaired , she wanted me to do the field sobriety tests I had drank no alcohol but failed the walk heel to toe test 3 times. She took me to the hospital had my blood drawn and it was .14 to pass you need to be under .05 . She takes me to jail ,😂. So I go lawyer shopping I see Jons website read all the testimonials from his website and thought this is the guy for me . I thought he could at least get me less time in jail, the prosecutor wanted me to do a year in jail. omg he was amazing! CASE DISMISSED !!🎉🎉. So here is one more testimonial to add to his awesome portfolio , this guy is unbelievable! I can not thank him enough

      Danelle Marysville, WA
      "None of this would have been possible without Jonathan and all his knowledge and expertise! Can’t thank him enough!"

      I was so fortunate to have Jonathan represent me. I was lucky enough to win my DOL Hearing and my DUI case was never filed. None of this would have been possible without Jonathan and all his knowledge and expertise! Can’t thank him enough!

      Nicole Lynnwood, WA
      "Thank you for easing the burden of such a trying time for me"

      Thank you for easing the burden of such a trying time for me

      A.W. Seattle, WA
      "Jonathan's strategy that I borrowed. It was genius. If he can help a fellow lawyer, I'm sure he can help you."

      Jonathan shared with me one of his killer strategies to employ in a very difficult DUI case I tried in Kansas City recently. The court reporter said it was the worst video she has ever seen. Still, the jury came back not guilty. And why? Strictly because of Jonathan's strategy that I borrowed. It was genius. If he can help a fellow lawyer, I'm sure he can help you.

      Chris Angles Kansas City, KS
      "The end result was far better than I had Imagined."

      Thank you Jonathan. The end result was far better than I had Imagined.

      A.N Mill Creek, WA
      "We highly recommend your practice to anyone!"

      We highly recommend your practice to anyone! Thank you so very much for helping us go through this experience.

      Angelina Lynnwood, WA
      "I would gladly recommend him"

      Jonathan did an excellent job explaining to me all of the options and what to expect as I was going through the court process. I would gladly recommend him in the future to people going through this.

      I.H. Mill Creek, WA
      "I would highly recommend DUI Heroes to anyone in need of legal services."

      I was very satisfied with the handling and final resolution of my case. I would highly recommend DUI Heroes to anyone in need of legal services.

      Robert C.
      "I just wanted to pass along my most sincere appreciation for handling my case and getting my life back on the right track"

      I just wanted to pass along my most sincere appreciation for handling my case and getting my life back on the right track. Even through my most recent missteps, you and the DUI Heroes have provided exceptional service and support. Absolute certainty is not a feeling that comes easily for me, but I am absolutely certain the results of my litigation would have been dramatically different and far less favorable had I not asked for your help in late March of last year. I will do my best to stay on the path you have so clearly paved for me - one for which I am extremely grateful. I was happy to leave a review of my experience on Avvo today, so I hope it reflects the legal course you've guided me through in the past ten months.

      "Your kindness and patience with me are very appreciated"

      Jonathan, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into helping me with my case. I have tried to put everything behind me and move on to positive changes. Your kindness and patience with me are very appreciated.

      "Professional, effective, and always available - an ideal experience when you've hit bottom"

      When I was pulled over and charged with my first DUI, I had never been more scared or uncertain about my immediate future before at any point in my life. I knew that I was going to need a miracle after that night, not even remembering getting into the car, blowing a 0.25 and failing my field sobriety test miserably. The facts surrounding my situation gave me very little for which to hope, and jail time was almost a foregone conclusion. My freedom, my employment, and custody of my daughter were all at risk, and worst of all, I had no idea how I was going to get through it. Mr. Dichter was not the first lawyer I had called, but after speaking with him for over 45 minutes (for free), a little bit of hope crept in that maybe I would come out of this alive. Mr. Dichter and his team thoroughly reviewed my case with me several times in person, hired a professional investigator on my behalf and as a result, I actually won my DOL hearing and never lost my license during the course of my appearances in court which kept me from probably losing my job. Mr. Dichter and Ms. Reich were by my side every time I was summoned to court and were always available and quick to respond to my numerous emails and phone calls (not having much experience in this arena prompted many questions on my part, and they were always happy to provide a thorough explanation). Mr. Dichter has an exceptional presence in court when addressing the judge while speaking on your behalf that commands strict attention and inspires confidence in the whole courtroom, and my final result kept me out jail, employed, and ultimately redirected the trajectory of my life, now as a recovering alcoholic - he even was supportive through a recent relapse where my initial judgement was in peril but was able to get me through without any additional sanctions or consequences from the court... Truly miraculous. If you're not accustomed to legal trouble and also going through a difficult period in your life (as I was) where your future is hanging in the veritable balance, you're going to need an ally on your side to make sure you don't walk yourself off a cliff. So do yourself a favor and give his office a call. From the first phone call, he told me not to worry, because that was going to be his job from then on, and he truly lived up to his promise. I am sincerely grateful.

      "Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

      Rachel, I cannot thank you enough for your help in resolving this matter! Your passion for your work shows in how you work with your clients! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      "Rachel was excellent in representing our son in his Minor DUI case."

      Rachel was excellent in representing our son in his Minor DUI case. We called her office on a weekend and she met with us on Sunday morning. She explained everything in great detail and was also ready & willing to answer any questions whether they were stupid or not. She made our son feel relaxed and me also when we were in court and took care of all the details. With her perseverance, Rachel was able to get our son's conviction dropped. Thank you, Rachel!

      "I am so ecstatic that I found Jonathan Dichter!!"

      I am so ecstatic that I found Jonathan Dichter!! I am on the verge of becoming a "Habitual Traffic Offender" through the Department of Licensing due to an excessive amount of traffic tickets. I received a ticket for driving in the HOV Lane. I hired Jonathan Dichter for my contested hearing. Due to the fact the state failed to provide discovery upon Jonathan's request, Jonathan was able to get my infraction dismissed. I owe my freedom to drive to Jonathan!! Throughout the whole process Jonathan was very helpful and caring as well as dedicated to my case.

      "I would recommend this guy to ANYONE and EVERYONE that has a DUI case not matter how bad it seems."

      As soon as i met him it was like he was already one of my best friends. I thought my life was over, but Jonathon made my seemingly impossible outcome very amazing. I am from Bellingham which is a ways away from the office, but it was no problem. Dichter has an awesome team that he works with, and they all work extremely hard to achieve the best possible outcome for any client. I would recommend this guy to ANYONE and EVERYONE that has a DUI case not matter how bad it seems.

      "He is very knowledgeable and does extensive research on all his cases."

      Jonathan Dichter has made my DUI process virtually painless. He is very knowledgeable and does extensive research on all his cases. I feel very confident having him as my lawyer and he has already made some amazing outcomes for me. His fees are also very reasonable and he is willing to work with you the best he can. I would highly recommend calling and meeting with him if you are interested in a lawyer since he does free consultations. He is also very personable which makes meeting with him and talking with him quite comfortable.

      "Excellent Lawyer!"

      Rachel is an excellent Lawyer to have on your side. She is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient, but is also kind and compassionate. I was fortunate to have her represent me in court for a D.U.I charge, and because of her hard work I was able to get a far better outcome than I ever hoped for. Thank you Rachel!

      "Jonathan and his team got me a better outcome than I ever expected!"

      I was charged with D.U.I. and am so grateful that I hired Jonathan Dichter and his team to help me through the difficult process. I was so lost and had no idea what was going to happen, Jonathan and his team guided me through every step of the way and helped me to get a better outcome than I ever expected. They were always kind, and considerate, and most of all non-judgemental, they were always available to answer all of my questions. In the end my case was reduced from D.U.I. to Negligent driving in the first degree, and I can't be more thankful for the work Jonathan & Rachel and his whole team have done to resolve my case.

      "A true lifeline in a time of crisis"

      Jonathan Dichter and his team consistently went the extra mile in handling my case. From my first face to face meeting, Jonathan was direct yet comforting in outlining the process and what we can expect going forward. His team was proactive in communicating updates as my case was processed and very patient in answering all my questions along the way. His team appeared to be well regarded by the court staff, and ultimately obtained a positive outcome for my case. If you ever need a lawyer that treats you with empathy and respect, and makes the (incredibly stressful) process as pain-free as possible, Jonathan is the right choice!

      "He accomplished the impossible!"

      I have had 2 prior DUIs because I never had the money to fight them in the past and thus I was always hung out to be eaten by the prosecuting wolves. This time I decided to spend the money and hire Jonathan. I am so glad I did! Jonathan, accomplished the impossible by using his knowledge of blood draws and the law to get my almost 3rd DUI reduced to a reckless. I could not have wished for a better outcome than this. If you are battling with the investment of hiring him, don't, he is worth every penny and then some! He truly is the best DUI attorney out there!

      "Thank You"

      Rachel was very professional, kind, organized, and knowledgeable and she helped me win a dismissal on a DV4 case.

      "Highly recommended"

      I highly recommend DUI Heroes if you are in need of an attorney. Communication is exceptional and they truly are there for you from start to finish. Rachel keeps you updated and responds in a timely matter.

      "Best outcome possible"

      Throughout my whole case I knew I was in great hands with Rachel. Her experience and commitment was evident. Through every step I felt informed and confident. Thanks to her hard work I received what I believe to be the best possible outcome with my situation. My charge was reduced and my fines absolutely minimal. When it came time for my final court date she walked me through everything and I felt very comfortable even though this was my first time going through something like this. I would recommend Rachel to anyone seeking legal counsel.

      "My personal guardian angel."

      Katie is fantastic! She is completely knowledgeable and reassured me throughout the entire process. I felt like I had a friend who had my back. She was able to keep me calm the entire time. She is knowledgeable of the law, the process, and is able to explain things so that I understood and felt reassured. She gave me hope when I felt hopeless. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

      "Amazing lawyer"

      Rachel and her team were so helpful during the entire process. I was originally nervous going into it but Rachel made me feel as ease the first conversation I had with her. All my stress and anxiety diminished with her reassurance to help me get my best outcome. Every step, she was there by my side and guiding me through. I am so appreciative to have had her as my lawyer.

      "Beyond being just a client, they treated me more like a friend or family member!"

      After being continuously bounced around for TWO years at the public defenders' association, and never getting much time or response by phone or email from my four (yes, 4!) different attorneys, I was told by the most recently assigned lawyer that the state of WA would never negotiate further and I was asked to decide whether to go to court (with a case my attorneys didn't feel confident they could win) or agreeing to a DUI plea that was pretty close to the same offer, to begin with, years prior. ALL of that changed after talking to Jonathan Dichter! When I reached out to Mr. Dichter for his advice, he and his courteous team were immediately responsive, superbly professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough, patient to listen, and eager to help IN EVERY WAY! I never felt rushed during a case-review session or phone call. All of my questions were answered to my FULL understanding and satisfaction. Each attorney and legal staff person performed in a service manner that was way above-par, and I know the norm for lawyers after having worked for many of them for over 30+ years. I was completely respected and taken care of from the very first in-depth consultation, then assisted every step through the confusing, intimidating, and taxing process of a multiple-charge case that became strongly re-negotiated soon after Mr. Dichter was hired... That's when REAL progress was made! Jonathan ordered and researched full toxicology reports that no other counselor had even thought of or was willing to do. He found three different reasons for botched blood "evidence." He and his team thoroughly reviewed the WSP's recorded video several times, and meticulously checked for the legality (or possible illegality) of every word and action made by both me AND the trooper. In order to help me understand the initial process should I choose trial, Jonathan prepared his motions for my consideration which were brilliant in scope and number, demonstrating not only his legal expertise but for his tenacity and commitment to providing the strongest defense possible. I felt fully included in every discussion and fully supported by wise, factual counsel. Though I ultimately chose to waive the risk of a jury trial, I had absolute confidence and assurance that Jonathan was FULLY prepared with a winnable, aggressive case. And I was in awe how, in just a handful of months, his team accomplished far more than my prior attorneys, combined, over a two-year period! Jonathan's discovery of botched "evidence" and firm negotiations successfully got the state to finally revert to a minimal Neg 1 charge and dismiss the secondary charge. I was very satisfied with this result from the team's continually strong defense -- a great outcome that no one else was able to accomplish. Jonathan's presentation at my change-in-plea hearing was solid and professional, even stating (for the record) the less than stellar treatment I received from the arresting officer -- something my former attorneys were unwilling to address at my hearing, but which was highly important to me that the judge at least hear this opinion about the officer's conduct before my sentencing. Overall -- once DUI Heroes took over my case, I never again felt qualms or insecurities regarding the legal advice and defense I received. Beyond being just a client, they treated me more like a friend or family member, and I had real peace and assurance, from consultation to final hearing, always knowing I was getting OUTSTANDING legal representation. Thank you, DUI Heroes!

      "5 Star Lawyer"

      Rachel Reich is a 5 star Lawyer! I recommend DUI heroes, they are a great team, always there to answer any question. Thank you!

      "A Consummate Professional"

      Rachel made me feel at ease during the entire process of my DUI case. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and helped me receive the best possible outcome. She is, without a doubt, a person to go to take care of all your DUI needs.

      "They made the whole process a breeze!"

      Wow, where do I start? DUIs and or any legal trouble for that matter can be a stressful and frightening situation for anyone. The folks at DUI Heroes took all that off my back, they gave me clear directions on what I can do to help my situation and walked me through the process of fighting a legal case. They made the whole process a breeze and something I didn't have to worry about. I am forever grateful to the team at DUI Heroes for their personable attitudes and amazing results.

      "I was astonished at the outcome Rachel was able to achieve, I strongly recommend working with Rachel and DUI Heroes!"

      I was fortunate to work with Rachel throughout my whole process. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Rachel ensured I was well informed every step of the way and answered any questions I encountered. Working with her certainly put my mind at ease, I was hesitant I would have a desirable outcome given the circumstances of my case. I was astonished at the outcome Rachel was able to achieve, I strongly recommend working with Rachel and DUI Heroes!

      "Listened to my concerns, made useful suggestions, and seemed concerned with getting me the best possible outcomes."

      Rachel was very friendly and helpful throughout the case. Listened to my concerns, made useful suggestions, and seemed concerned with getting me the best possible outcomes. Overall, I am satisfied with the outcomes of my case and the services provided.

      "She and 'Team Heroes' did a great job representing me in this challenging situation"

      I feel blessed that Rachel was assigned to my case. She and 'Team Heroes' did a great job representing me in this challenging situation. She / they were always available when I needed to discuss the matters of my case, which lasted overall about 4 months. Very professional and knowledgeable, and worked hard to get me thru a difficult and stressful time. I highly recommend Rachel, and am very appreciative of the results.


      I am grateful to hire Katie because she helped me through one of the toughest moments of my life.


      Katie Thomason since day one has been there to help guide me through the entire legal process. I came in anxious and nervous but with her compassion and experience for her work showed me i didn’t need to worry about my case. Katie and the team at DUI heroes are always available anytime or day when i need to talk with someone. I am grateful to hire Katie because she helped me through one of the toughest moments of my life. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much!

      "Jonathan is one of the best attorneys in the business."

      I am a criminal defense attorney myself, and I interact with other criminal defense attorneys on a daily basis, I can tell you that Jonathan is one of the best attorneys in the business.

      "The whole firm was insanely helpful!"

      The whole firm was insanely helpful and made this very stressful scary situation go very smoothly. I couldn’t of got through this without all of them. I am very thankful we found them!

      Jake M
      "Everyone at DUI heroes are amazing."

      Everyone at DUI heroes is amazing. They helped me through the entire process. I was paralyzed with fear. On the day I first dialed their number, I knew I was in expert hands. Rachael immediately sent me information on what to expect in the upcoming months. If you are reading this post, I assume you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI. The DUI laws in Washington are complex and probably the toughest in the U.S. It's a situation where you want expert advice and representation. DUI Heroes are experts. Throughout my journey, they were kind, responsive, and thorough. No question was too big or too small to answer. And the answers came immediately. The entire office helped me. DUI Heroes are good attorneys and good people.

      Wendy W.
      "Best outcome achieved."

      I came to DUIHeroes after receiving my first DUI charge. After the charge, I felt helpless and like my life was over. After getting on the phone with Jonathan, I immediately felt more confident and like I had a chance. I worked closely with Katie for most of my case, who worked hard to negotiate on my behalf. I ended the case with a non-criminal traffic infraction and feeling like my life was ahead of me again. I am so grateful I hired DUIHeroes as I feel my outcome with the public defender I was assigned would have been much worse.