What It Means to Be a DUI Specialist: Access to Resources

One of the quickest ways to distinguish a DUI attorney from a DUI specialist is to ask about the resources they have at their disposal. The average criminal defense lawyer might not have many resources to use to build a case, especially not resources specifically for DUI cases. On the other hand, a DUI specialist, like the attorneys you can find here at DUIHeroes, will have ample resources available to make sure no stone is unturned while looking for the best and strongest way to make a client’s defense.

Access to Resources: Supplies & Surprise

With our access to vast and specialized resources, DUIHeroes can utilize defense strategies that many other law firms simply cannot. At the least, they can’t make such defenses without great effort and the risk of missing an important step or deadline. We didn’t just stumble upon these resources, either. We worked hard to become a trusted and recognized name in DUI defense across Washington and even the rest of the country, as well as to elevate our knowledge and skills to the next level.

Some of the most important and useful resources we have at our disposal are:

  • Advanced certifications: Our founding attorney, Jonathan Dichter, as well as every attorney on the DUIHeroes team have obtained specialized training by completing the NHTSA and IACP DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student Course, which police officers must complete to make DUI arrests and administer field sobriety tests. Jonathan has gone the extra step of becoming a qualified instructor in this course. He has also been Forensic Sobriety Assessment certified and completed the NHTSA Advanced Roadside Impairment Driver Enforcement class. Our advanced knowledge of all things DUI-related allows us to approach a case from every angle.
  • Professional connections: DUIHeroes is a recognized name in DUI defense. We have earned the respect and trust of judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, blood alcohol content (BAC) test laboratory technicians, and others who are involved in DUI cases. Our connections and reputation allow us to access information and opinions that otherwise would be unavailable.
  • Expert witnesses: Speaking of professional connections, we can more easily use the help of expert witnesses when building a defense than non-specialized law firms. We have a list of trusted experts who can weigh in for difficult cases. You’re far from alone when you let DUIHeroes and our allies stand up for you.
  • Software and hardware: Staying up-to-date with technology is more important when building a DUI case than most legal professionals might realize. We’ve built our office to streamline any administrative processes that are part of a case. From easily accessing legal text databases and creating engaging presentations on the computer to promptly responding to inquiries from the opposition, it all matters and needs to be done right and on time. Our DUI attorneys are also familiar with much of the hardware that law enforcement uses, like breath testing machines, blood analysis technology and ignition interlock devices.
  • Teamwork: Another important resource that we have at our disposal is our ability to work together as a team. It might not seem like much at first, but teamwork can make all the difference. Single-attorney law firms can’t band together because there’s no one else on the case but the lawyer. Many large corporate firms can’t coordinate either because everyone is swamped with such a high volume of cases that they couldn’t possibly spare a minute to help another attorney. At DUIHeroes, we deliberately limit our caseload so we can always pool our talents together when needed, ensuring that every case and client gets our full attention.

We can’t overlook the element of surprise that our access to resources brings to a case, too. Prosecutors usually go head-to-head with public defenders, who are notoriously overworked, and lawyers who practice generalized criminal defense, not DUI defense specifically. To go up against a DUI specialist with unique and powerful resources can be quite a surprise, enough so that the prosecution’s arguments might flounder the moment they go before the court.

Call Our Resourceful DUI Defense Lawyers Now

Your DUI defense case matters to us here at DUIHeroes. We see you not as a case folder but as a friend in need after making a mistake. You deserve a chance to explain your side of the situation and to mitigate the penalties the state will try to use against you. One DUI shouldn’t destroy your life, but it could if you don’t fight it. Stand up for yourself with the help of our vast resources by contacting DUIHeroes online now. You can also call (425) 296-9358 if you want to talk with a DUI defense lawyer directly.

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