What It Means to Be a DUI Specialist: Up-to-Date Knowledge

At DUIHeroes in Lynnwood, Washington, we are proud to have a team full of DUI specialists, not just DUI defense lawyers. But what does it mean to be a DUI specialist? We’ve already discussed the importance of “expertise and focus” in our blog. Today, we want to talk about the irreplaceable benefit of “up-to-date knowledge.”

Up-to-Date Knowledge: More Than Regular Know-How

There’s a difference between learning how to do something and knowing how to do something. A typical DUI lawyer will learn about DUI law and how to represent a client. A DUI specialist will know the best ways to represent a client and navigate a DUI case because they make a point to continually learn about it.

Our legal team from DUIHeroes, led by founding attorney Jonathan Dichter, understands that all the intricacies that surround DUI law are constantly changing. By staying entirely focused on DUI cases, we are always learning about these changes and updating our approaches.

We make a point to stay atop the changes to:

  • DUI laws: DUI legislation is under constant scrutiny because DUI arrests are some of the most common reasons why people end up before the criminal court. It is in the best interest of the people, prosecutors, and defendants alike to review these laws to see what is fair and what should be updated. As updates are made and approved, sometimes through a public election, you can bet that the DUI defense attorneys of DUIHeroes are paying attention, advancing our knowledge, and determining new ways to apply it to DUI defense.
  • Case precedents: Laws look best in law books, but they are often not interpreted exactly as they are written. “Case precedents” are set when a law is first or newly interpreted by the court and used to set a ruling or motion. As DUI specialists, we pay close attention to not just DUI laws but also DUI case precedents. Even DUI cases and trials that are conducted clear across the country can set important precedents that can apply to other states, so we pay attention to cases both far and wide. You never know when a new case precedent will be set that allows a powerful DUI defense strategy in another separate case.
  • Scientific advancements: DUI cases are interesting in that they are an area of criminal law that can be tightly integrated with scientific methods and data. In many cases, the most important piece of evidence for either side is the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test results, which are gathered through precise scientific processes. The slightest mistake in the collecting, handling, processing, and testing of a blood or breath sample can corrupt the outcome. With newer technologies and sciences come newer ways to make such mistakes. We take the time to learn about scientific advancements that apply to DUI defense because one day our knowledge about the specifics of a BAC test lab’s equipment might be what trips the prosecution and delivers justice to a client in need.

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