Dangers of Drinking & Driving During Spring Outdoor Events

As outdoor events come to life during spring, the risk of drunk driving becomes an even greater concern. With warm weather, longer days, and more social activities available, it’s highly important to be aware of the consequences of drinking and driving, so everyone can enjoy the spring safely.

Springtime BBQs & Responsible Driving

Spring barbecues can be a lot of fun as people gather around the grill, catch up with friends, and pour alcoholic drinks freely. The problem is that it is deceptively easy to lose track of how many drinks you have had in such a casual setting. This is especially true if red plastic cups are used instead of bottles. It is easy to count how many empty bottles are on the table, but it is considerably more difficult to keep track of how many times your cup was refilled.

If you are attending a springtime BBQ, picnic, or another similar outdoor event with alcoholic beverages, then you should stick to bottles and cans, not refillable cups. This simple difference in how you have a drink can make it much easier for you to realize when you’ve hit the safe limit, especially if you are going to drive afterward.

Designated Drivers for Wine Tasting Events

Wine tasting events are popular in Washington State, as well as many other regions where there are wineries. If you plan to attend a wine tasting event, it is important to designate a driver who will remain sober. This person should have access to alternative transportation such as public or ride-sharing services if necessary. The designated driver needs to be aware of their responsibility and stick to non-alcoholic beverages during the event. In this way, everyone can enjoy the event while remaining safe on the roadways.

How Weight Can Affect Intoxication

One thing to keep in mind is that alcohol intoxication can vary considerably based on the person’s weight. People who weigh less tend to become intoxicated more quickly, which has been linked to lower water weight and/or body mass index. On the other hand, heavier individuals usually feel the effects of intoxication for a longer period, meaning that they tend to take longer to sober up once intoxicated.

A simple yet effective way to avoid unintended intoxication, regardless of your body weight, is to limit yourself to one drink per hour. At an outdoor event like a springtime picnic, you can even make a fun game out of this time limit. Place an hourglass at the table with the alcoholic drinks. Everyone who wants to drink grabs one together, and then the hourglass is turned over. Once it is empty, everyone who wants a second drink grabs one together, and so on. This method can help space out your drinking, so you are less likely to be surprised by how buzzed you are.

Legal Help After a DUI

Mistakes happen. If you were enjoying a spring outdoor event and had one too many drinks before driving, and that led to you getting pulled over and arrested, then you deserve to explain yourself and protect your driving privilege. You shouldn’t be treated like a criminal who is automatically guilty. You should be treated with respect.

At DUIHeroes, we proudly offer respectful and effective legal counsel to Washington drivers who have been arrested for a DUI. 100% of our practice is dedicated to DUI defense representation, too, so you know that we’re never distracted by other case types. Call (425) 296-9358 to speak with our firm today.
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