Bellevue PD Reports DUI Arrest Increase for 2022

The Bellevue Police Department (BPD) has reported a significant increase in DUI arrests for 2022 when compared to the last five years. According to a recent report posted on the BPD’s blog, there were 236 DUI arrests in 2022 (January through November), a 36% jump over 2021’s numbers. Only five years ago in 2018, the number was as low as 113.

BPD’s report noted that nearly each of the 236 DUI arrests this year happened at night and a third of them involved some sort of traffic collision. It is not clear if there are more drivers who are drunk driving on Bellevue’s roads or if the increase is the result of heightened highway patrol efforts in the city. Bellevue is now participating in the King County Target Zero DUI Emphasis Patrols program, which puts more DUI checkpoints at traffic hotspots like busy 405 offramps and onramps.

Every DUI Deserves Defense

DUIHeroes is a local DUI defense firm here in Bellevue. Our team is paying attention to the Bellevue Police Department’s reports of increased DUI arrests in the area and the news surrounding them. Please know that we are here to lend legal counsel if you find yourself at a DUI checkpoint in Bellevue and then in handcuffs.

We believe that every single person who is accused of a DUI deserves to defend themselves from the worst that the state can use against them. Why? DUIs aren’t committed by criminals, they’re committed by people who make honest mistakes. We think it would be unjust for your life to be completely unwound because of one lack of better judgment, so we are ready to fight with our all to defend you, your rights, and your driving privileges.

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