DUI Q&A Series - How Do You Find the Right DUI Lawyer?

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If you are being charged with a DUI, the question that you are most likely asking is who should you hire to represent you? You should always talk to the lawyer to gauge their expertise and qualifications. Ask as many questions as you would like. Determine if they focus on DUI or if it's just a portion of their practice. Jonathan Dichter demystifies the topic in the fourth episode of his DUI Q&A series.


Being arrested for a DUI is humiliating and traumatic.

I'm sorry it's something you've experienced, but now you need a warrior, someone to fight with you and for you.

What you need is a DUI lawyer and there are lots out there.

How do you choose?

How do you find the right DUI lawyer for your case?

First, and most importantly, talk to them.

Make sure you're comfortable with them.

Make sure you can communicate with them and you believe that they will listen to you and care about you.

Then ask about their qualifications and credentials.

Do they practice DUIs?

How much of their practice is DUIs?

Do they belong to national organizations like the National College for DUI Defense?

Do they go to national-level trainings?

Better yet, do they teach other lawyers?

Do they write for other lawyers?

Do they write for their clients or the general public?

In general, an attorney's practice should be 66%, 2/3 or more, DUI if you want the best.

Better yet would be exclusively DUI, someone who does nothing but DUI.

But again, you need to trust your gut.

You need to see how you feel meeting with them and discussing it with them.

Only through finding a kind and caring advocate who believes in the work that they do and in defending you to
the best of their abilities will you be able to find that best DUI attorney.

Most DUI attorneys will offer you a free initial consultation.

Most DUI attorneys will talk to you on the phone before you come into the office and answer some questions for you.

Most DUI attorneys will tell you their flat rate right up front, so there are no surprises, no hidden costs.

Do the research, find the best, then hire them and let them stand between you and everyone else.

Because the best DUI lawyers can be heroes.

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