DUI Q&A Series - Can I Get My Washington State DUI Removed From My Record?

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In Washington state, a DUI conviction can never be vacated from a person’s record. But, hiring the right team of DUI attorneys can help you reduce your charges.


Being convicted of a DUI can carry harsh penalties regardless of whether it's your first offense or your third or more.

One penalty though that's often overlooked is the fact that in Washington State, a DUI conviction can never be vacated or removed from your record. It's there forever.

On the other hand, a reduced charge such as reckless driving, negligent driving, or more can be removed from your record after a waiting period of 10 years.

Doing so involves filing a petition with the court where you were convicted and having had no additional criminal charges or convictions in those 10 years. An attorney can help you fill out that paperwork and get it in front of a court.

But if you've been convicted of DUI, you're stuck with it. The DUI conviction in Washington State can last a lifetime.

That's why it's so important to have a team of skilled DUI attorneys on your side who are not only experienced enough but strong enough to protect you and everything that matters.

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