DUI Q&A Series - What is a Consultation?

consultation for a dui


A consultation is one of the most important steps to take when resolving a DUI or criminal charge. DUI attorneys typically offer a free consultation to screen your case, walk you through both the court and Department of Licensing (DOL) processes, and generally introduce themselves, their expertise, and the benefits of working with them. Remember, your rights are at stake when being charged with a DUI, so use the consultation to ask questions and gauge whether you'll be working with a team that you can trust.


Consulting with a lawyer because you've been arrested for DUI can be frightening and embarrassing. It doesn't have to be.

Most attorneys who practice DUI law should offer you a free consultation in their office.

Now that's generally after they've spoken to you and perhaps even screened your case by phone to make sure they're the right office for you.

At that initial consultation appointment, the attorney ought to walk you through the process of how a DUI works.

They should tell you what to expect from both the court process and the Department of Licensing process. And they ought to be able to explain to you why those two things are different.

If, after that consultation, you still don't understand the difference between the DUI process and the criminal process, click this link or call us right now and we will happily answer that question for you for free.

Additionally, at that appointment, you should get a chance to find out how your attorney's office works.

Who will you be working with? What are their credentials? What sort of experience do they have? Will you be working with one lawyer only? Will you be working with multiple lawyers? Will you meet with one lawyer and then never see them again? Will your attorneys work as a team? Does your prospective attorney have a network of experts they consult with if an expert witness is needed in your case?

Most importantly, at that meeting any attorney, you meet with should be willing and able to quote you a clear fee and put that in writing if you ask them to.

If you choose to hire them, you should sign a written fee agreement that outlines exactly what you're getting for the money you're paying and exactly what the attorney expects of you in return.

Clear communication right up front is of critical importance between you and your lawyer.

If you can't communicate with your lawyer and you don't trust your lawyer, you're not gonna have a good experience regardless of the outcome of your case.

You're not gonna feel like you are adequately protected and you should.

Your rights are at stake, your driver's license is up for grabs, and you could find yourself facing jail time, fines, probation, or worse.

And what should really matter to that attorney at that consultation is making sure you know they are there for you.

If you still have questions about what to expect in an attorney consultation, call the number below.

We're there for you 24 hours a day and we'll happily walk you through the process any time.

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