Washington Man Charged with 13th DUI

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A Port Orchard man is stirring up a media sensation – and some profound conversation – about driving under the influence after he was arrested and charged with his 13th DUI. Last Wednesday, troopers from the Washington State Patrol found the man's truck in a ditch. When they went to help him, the 49-year-old man ran off. According to police reports, the man was later apprehended and could barely stand. An open beer container and an open bottle of vodka were also found inside his truck.

The new DUI arrest is the man's 13th, although court records show that he has been convicted seven times. His last conviction, in 2007, resulted in a year and a half prison sentence. Now, the man can potentially face longer terms of imprisonment under Washington's new laws against repeat DUI offenders.

Multiple DUIs in Washington

This story can help all local residents and possibly even law enforcement agencies think more about the underlying reasons behind DUI arrests. Although not always the case, DUIs can be symptomatic of larger problems with alcohol or drug dependency. Alcoholism is a serious problem and perhaps one of the most difficult diseases to treat. Just as local, state, and federal governments are shifting drug crime policies away from harsh punishment and toward rehabilitation, the same may be beneficial for those who are charged with multiple DUIs. Although 13 DUI arrests is undoubtedly excessive, it serves as evidence that this man may have benefited from alcohol treatment rather than incarceration alone.

Although the underlying problem of alcoholism may be difficult to address and resolve, the fact will remain that – at least for now – penalties for repeat DUI offenders in Washington can be very severe. From hefty fines and probation to driver's license suspensions or revocations and terms of imprisonment, the consequences that come with a DUI conviction can impact one's personal, professional, and financial life for years to come. Penalties are also typically enhanced with each subsequent conviction.

If you or your loved one stands accused of a second, third, or other multiple DUI, working with compassionate, experienced representation can make a significant difference in your legal experience and the outcome of your case. At DUIHeroes, a Lynnwood DUI attorney is prepared to review your case, inform you of your rights, and fight to defend your freedom and future.

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