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Elyssa Robinson

DUIHeroes is pleased to welcome our new Legal/Marketing Assistant to the team — Elyssa Robinson. Elyssa is a recent graduate from Washington State University (“Go Cougs!”), and is proud to be part of a company that makes her feel welcomed & motivated to strive towards success for herself, and the clients of DUIHeroes.

Born and raised in Mill Creek, WA, Elyssa enjoys being in the outdoors: swimming, kayaking or hiking! She has two younger sisters & has loved being their mentor over the years. Elyssa also runs a small jewelry business through Etsy in her free time, and loves to see the energy she puts into that business pay off. DUIHeroes is excited to see her use the skills and talents she has in her position to benefit the team.

“After interviewing with Jonathan and the other attorneys, I knew right away that I would be a great addition to the team! I felt connected to them quickly and learned about their backgrounds and the love they have for the DUIHeroes family. When Jonathan reached out to me offering me this position, I was thrilled, happy and in instant shock to receive an offer to become part of this team”!

Elyssa believes that joining our team will allow her to help our clients deal with the stressful and frightening reality of being charged with a DUI. Elyssa’s excellent customer service, organizational, and time management skills make her an ideal team member, and working directly with our other Legal Assistant, Karah Murphy, Elyssa will be here to assist our clients with any needs, problems or questions they might have.

“I am here for you and will do anything in my power to help get you through this challenging time!”

Image of Elyssa, New employee at DUI Heroes
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