Longview Public School Bus Driver Arrested & Charged for Drunk Driving


Longview Public School bus driver Catherine Maccarone has been arrested after a young student called 911 to report she was driving a school bus while intoxicated. According to reports from local authorities, a young boy – whose identity has remained anonymous at this time for privacy – dialed 911 after Maccarone dropped him off at his home. He was convinced she was intoxicated and wanted to reach out to the authorities to prevent a drunk driving accident.

The boy told the 911 dispatcher that Maccarone ran at least three red lights before pulling over by the side of the highway. He claimed children were still on the bus, which sent authorities into immediate action.

Police were able to locate Maccarone’s bus and pulled her over, but not before she completed her route. There were no children on the bus at the time of the arrest. Officers reported that a strong scent of alcohol was on her breath, which is also what the young boy told the dispatcher. No student injuries have been reported.

At this time, Maccarone was reportedly arrested for suspicion of driving a school bus under the influence – a specialized DUI charge reserved for school bus drivers – and reckless endangerment. It is not known if charges have been officially filed against her. Although, the school district has announced it is investigating the incident.

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