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Man Charged with Vehicular Assault After Hitting Teen Driver

On Monday night in Auburn, Washington, a 40-year-old man allegedly ran a stop sign while texting and driving. He hit another car, and the driver—a 17-year-old student at Auburn Riverside High School—sustained a serious head injury. Once the student’s symptoms became severe, he was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where doctors performed emergency brain surgery to stop the internal bleeding. He has since been moved out of ICU, but doctors say he will need physical therapy as well as speech therapy. The student was on his way home from a junior varsity football game when he was hit.

The driver who allegedly ran the stop sign sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital as well. Suspecting him of driving under the influence, Auburn police arrested him at the hospital. He failed a sobriety test, and police are currently waiting for results from a blood draw. So far, he has been charged with vehicular assault.

The driver already had multiple convictions on his record, including:

The man charged with vehicular assault is now in jail at the Regional Justice Center in Kent. His previous convictions will likely affect the trial’s outcome.

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