Huffington Post Wants You to Find the Right DUI Lawyer

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The Huffington Post recently tackled a dilemma that most people face following a drunk driving arrest: “who can I trust to best handle my case?” In “How To Find The Best DUI Lawyer By Yourself,” the publication outlines several steps everyone should take following their arrest to find a capable attorney ready to take on their case and resolve the matter as favorably as possible.

Step Number 1: Research & Organize

“A good DUI lawyer who will listen to you, understand your case, and help you in court isn’t just going to jump right out at you,” the article states—and it's true. If you're in sudden need of an attorney, it can be overwhelming to realize just how many firms out there are ready to vie for your attention. Organizing a list or spreadsheet of options is recommended for reference as you contact these firms.

What the article doesn't mention is how to narrow that search, especially when conducting web research. It is recommended that you choose local firms familiar with the court system that will handle your case. Striving for a “big city” lawyer when they live outside of the county away may seem tempting, but focusing on local and recommended firms is advised.

Step Number 2: Determining an Attorney's Qualifications

Not every lawyer who claims to be ready to take on your case is actually qualified to do so and, even among those that are, there are different levels of experience and expertise. Few firms, for example, are able to match Attorney Jonathan Dichter's DUI experience because he's dedicated his entire firm to solely this practice area. His committed work and tireless education on cutting-edge DUI issues speak for themselves—as do the numerous industry accolades he has received for the advocacy he provides his clients.

Step Number 3: Meet the Attorney

Yes, the final step towards choosing representation is to actually meet with your attorney, preferably face-to-face, but phone calls can be sufficient in some cases. The lawyer-client relationship is, in many ways, a partnership for the duration of a case. As the client, you want to know that your potential attorney is receptive to your concerns, is aware of your goals, and is proactive about communicating any foreseen complications with your prospects.

At DUIHeroes, Attorney Dichter offers free case evaluations for all potential clients. In that evaluation, he is ready to assess the circumstances of your arrest and review how to best protect your rights and interests going forward.

Choosing a reliable Lynnwood DUI defense attorney can be difficult... if you aren't sure what to look for. At DUIHeroes, Attorney Dichter is ready to bring informed, proactive, and proven counsel to your DUI case and ensure that the best possible outcome is aggressively pursued on your behalf.

Ready to start reviewing your legal options? Use this online form to request your free case evaluation today.

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