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DUIHeroes represents DUI cases at each step of the process. An individual arrested for a DUI faces a serious criminal charge and the penalties for a conviction in Washington are harsh. A DUI conviction can result in time in jail, probation, large fines and court fees, driver's license suspension, ignition interlock device, and court-mandated alcohol treatment and counseling. It is important to have competent legal counsel offering a strong legal defense starting with an arrest, during arraignment, DMV motion hearings, and during all court proceedings. A driver arrested for a DUI should contact a Lynnwood DUI lawyer for legal guidance and before making possible incriminating statements, which can be of use to the prosecution in pursuing DUI charges against the offender.

At DUIHeroes, we represent many clients with an aggressive and effective defense. Many of our cases have resulted in DUI plea bargains with a result in favor of the offender.

How can DUIHeroes help me?

A strong DUI defense can include the challenging of evidence presented by a prosecution. Areas to attack are whether there was reasonable suspicion of a DUI, probable cause to arrest, incorrect arrest procedures, or illegally or improperly obtained evidence or samples of breath, blood, or urine. Some factors of a DUI case may prompt the prosecution to request a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an agreement between the defendant and the prosecution where the defendant agrees to accept a lesser charge and the prosecutor agrees to pursue the DUI case no further possibly due to the following:

  • Prosecution has a weak case
  • Court wishes to clear the calendar

It is important to have a trusted attorney representing clients at each step including the plea bargain stage, if offered by the prosecution. An advantage to accepting a plea bargain is the lessening of charges, which might involve a DUI charge reduction to a reckless or negligent driving charge. The defendant can avoid the harsh DUI penalties and negative impact of a DUI conviction on record. Another aspect of a plea bargain for a lesser charge is the speed at which a case can be resolved and that it keeps the jury and judge away from the DUI process. Our office is ready to help with all legal aspects of the DUI case including plea bargains. Make an appointment today for a consultation with the firm regarding a DUI case.

Contact a Lynnwood DUI attorney at 1 (800) DUI-HERO offered a plea bargain in a DUI case.


"The vision of DUIHeroes is to change the way the public views individuals charged with a criminal offense. And, to change the way they view the criminal defense attorneys who ethically and professionally stand up for and defend the rights of those individuals every day, because those rights are guaranteed to every single one of us. No matter what."

- Founding Attorney, Jonathan Dichter

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