DUI Q&A Series - Can a DUI Conviction Impact Your Constitutional Rights?



Your constitutional rights are very important and some criminal convictions can have an impact on them. Generally speaking, a DUI conviction alone will not cause you to lose your constitutional rights. But, with an attached felony charge or felony DUI charge, you will lose those rights until restored by completing your sentence or any probationary conditions.


Your constitutional rights are very important. The right to vote, the right to possess firearms, and oftentimes a criminal conviction can have an impact on them.

What about a DUI? It's a good question. Unless that DUI is a felony DUI, generally speaking, it won't have any effect on those very important rights.

Now if it is a felony DUI, a vehicular assault, or some other felony attached to a DUI like an eluding charge or something like that, that felony conviction would cause you to lose those civil rights.

You would lose both your right to vote and to possess firearms. You'd also lose your right to sit on a jury.

Now those civil rights can be restored after a period of time once you've completed your sentence and any probationary conditions, but for the most part, a DUI alone won't have an impact on your constitutional rights.

If your DUI is charged alongside other charges your rights can be at risk. It can be really complicated depending on the specifics of your case and the best way to understand what's at stake for you is to work with an attorney who will protect you right from the start of your case.

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