Will a DUI Arrest Show Up on My Background Check?

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Will DUI Arrest Show on Background Check?

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, you may be wondering how a conviction could affect your future. How long will a DUI stay on your record? Further, will an employer be able to see the charge on your background check?

Keep reading to learn how our team at DUIHeroes can help protect your career — and your future.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Washington State?

Checking someone’s background in Washington state is relatively easy — an employer just needs to write into the Washington State Patrol. After they’ve paid the fee, they’ll have the results within two weeks.

A DUI is a criminal conviction that will only show up on your background check if you are found guilty of the charge. As this is part of your public record, the charge is permanent. When a prospective employer does a background check, they will see the DUI listed.

Washington State Background Check for Employment

Can I be denied employment due to my DUI? According to the American Civil Liberty Union’s Guide to Criminal Records and Employment in Washington State, “employers should not ask about convictions unless they are (1) related to the job and (2) occurred within the last ten years.”

  • Also, a Washington employer cannot deny employment solely based on a prospect’s criminal record. Instead, an employer must consider:
  • The nature of the conviction
  • Whether it relates to the posted job requirements
  • How much time has passed since the incident

Can a DUI Be Expunged in Washington State?

According to Section 9.96.060 of the Revised Code of Washington, DUI convictions cannot be vacated or expunged from a person’s record.

If you’re on the job hunt, you can always obtain a copy of your record to see how the charge will appear. However, the best way to protect your rights and your future is to employ the help of a DUI attorney who can fight your case and work to lower your charges.

The Heroes You Need When You Need Us

When you need an experienced DUI defense team, DUIHeroes is here to help. When facing a DUI charge, time is of the essence, and the sooner you contact a hero, the better your chances are of dismissing or reducing your charges.

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