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DUI Q&A Series - How Long Does The DUI Process Take?


In the third episode of his original Q&A series, DUI Heroes founder and managing partner, Jonathan Dichter, explains how long you can expect the process of handling DUI charges can take. In the state of Washington, there are two separate proceedings, and depending on the facts of your case and the charges your facing, times may vary. No one case is exactly the same, and only an experienced DUI attorney knows you, the system, and the case. Always consult with a lawyer when faced with a DUI.


Resolving a DUI is a lengthy, exhausting process.

I'm sorry, you're going through it.

It can take months and in some cases years before they're all done. But how long on average and why?

Consider that in most cases in Washington you'll be going through two separate proceedings.

First, an administrative proceeding through the department of licensing.

You may only have seven days from the date of your arrest to request this hearing.

On the other hand, the court process where you'll be charged with a criminal offense may not begin for months.

In many counties like Snohomish and King County right now the filing backlog can be four to six months or more.

And if you had your blood drawn, the Washington State Toxicology Lab is between nine and 12 months backlogged on even testing those samples.

Once your court process starts it can take four to six court appearances each separated by four to six weeks and the whole process is daunting.

It takes a very long time and nothing happens quickly.

The wheels of justice do turn, but they turn slowly.

That's why it's critically important for you to have a guide through the process.

The DUI attorney, who knows what they're doing, knows you and knows the system.

Someone who can help you navigate these timelines, minimize the impact of the timelines on you and help protect you, your rights, and your family.