Man With Multiple DUI Convictions Causes Fatal Wrong-Way Crash

Mr. Aaron Gentry has been accused of causing a fatal car accident after driving the wrong direction for six-miles along the Interstate-5 in Washington. According to police reports, he was traveling faster than 100 miles per hour when he struck at least three vehicles before hitting a fourth head-on, resulting in the death of one of the passengers. He was also highly intoxicated at the time of the collision, official statements say.

Family members of the decedent and the community are now looking for answers, as it was revealed Gentry has six DUI convictions in the past. He had his driver’s license suspended at the time of the crash due to past convictions, and he was ordered to only drive a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device (IID). However, it was found that he was using a friend’s vehicle, who could potentially be charged for criminal negligence if investigations find they knowingly lent the vehicle to Gentry.

KIRO 7 news sat down with Attorney Jonathan Dichter of DUIHeroes, a leading DUI defense law firm in Washington, to discuss the situation with legal insight. As Attorney Dichter explained in his interview, the criminal justice system is continually faced with the need to maintain a delicate balance of justified convictions with fair processing and sentencing. While it is important to rectify criminal behavior, it is arguably more important to ensure no one is ever wrongly convicted or sentenced. This is indeed the role of a criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Dichter also talked about the general lack of control the criminal justice system has outside of the courtroom. No matter the severity of a conviction sentencing, people still need to choose to abide by what is required of them. Gentry had been fully restricted from driving by removing his license and requiring he conduct breathalyzer tests before starting and driving any vehicle when his license was restored. Yet, due to imprisonment being deemed unjustified for his previous criminal violations, he was still able to access a vehicle.

(For more information about this ongoing DUI story, you can click here to visit the full KIRO 7news article; the second video supplied in the image feed in the article features Attorney Dichter’s interview.)

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