Utah Nurse Obtains $500k Settlement Over Brutal Arrest Due to Refusing Blood Sample

Nearly everyone saw the video involving a Utah nurse who was violently and unlawfully arrested by an overaggressive police officer, simply because she was doing her job. Her patient was unconscious, and she thus refused to allow the police to take a blood sample, as it would be without his consent. Simply following the law, this nurse was roughly arrested, sparking outrage across the country. Harshly shoved into an unmarked squad car, nurse Alex Wubbels was doing nothing more than following the law, which states it is illegal to draw blood from a patient without a legitimate warrant. The unconscious patient was hurt in a collision involving someone attempting to escape the police.

The police cannot forcefully obtain one’s blood sample, regardless of the nature or intent. This is certainly true in all cases, but particularly so in terms of DUI cases. While the police may pressure or encourage you to submit a blood sample, they cannot do so without your full consent. As with any legal situation, make sure you do not move forward, supply evidence, or even speak to anyone without the counsel and guidance of a trusted legal team.

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