Seahawks Fans: Don't Drink and Drive on Super Bowl Sunday


As exciting as it is to have the Seahawks playing in their second Super Bowl in two years, it's important for 12s across the state to have a plan in place to get home after the game. Washington State Patrol Deputy Chief Curt Hattell wants drivers to remember that they can be arrested for drunk driving any time that a trooper determines they are impaired, even if their BAC is below .08%.

“We find that people sometimes get involved in the game and don't realize how much they've had to drink,” Hattell told the Port Orchard Independent. “It's best to arrange for a sober ride home well before game time, whether that's a designated driver, taxi, or public transit. And go Hawks!”

The High Price of DUI

The Washington State Patrol made over 100 DUI arrests throughout the state in 2014 alone. In addition to putting yourself and others at risk, drinking too much during the game and getting behind the wheel could have a severe impact upon your wallet. While the fines for a DUI in Washington range from $940 to $5,000, the total costs will likely be much higher.

If you are convicted for a DUI, you will likely end up paying between $6,500 and $10,000 when you take into account additional expenses like attorney fees, fees for installing and maintaining ignition interlock devices, and increased insurance rates. Furthermore, the Department of Licensing may require that you file proof of financial responsibility (SR-22).

Get home safely-make a plan before the game!

Even if you think you're sober enough to drive, it's better to be safe than sorry. Make your plan for getting home beforehand so that you can enjoy the game and stay safe. The Port Orchard Independent shared a number of tips that can help you arrive home safely on Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Choose a designated driver before kickoff (Decide who will be the designated driver by calling heads or tails when the referee flips the coin)
  • Find the number of a cab company before the game
  • Take advantage of public transportation
  • Use a ride-sharing app, but first check with your insurance agent to learn if you are covered if the driver is involved in a collision
  • Arrange with the party host to stay at their house overnight
  • Get a ride home with a sober friend or family member

If you do get arrested for drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday, contact my team at DUIHeroes right away. I have more than a decade of experience as a Lynnwood DUI defense attorney and I am dedicated to providing outstanding representation to clients in Snohomish County, King County, and the surrounding areas. If you need aggressive defense against DUI charges, call my offices at (425) 296-9358 to schedule a free initial consultation!