Attorney Rachel Z. Reich Joins DUIHeroes

DUIHeroes is pleased to welcome a new attorney to the firm – Rachel Z. Reich. As an associate, Rachel brings a wide breadth of legal experience to our firm, including years of experience working as a former prosecutor for the City of Edmonds. Our firm is confident that Rachel’s insight and passion for helping clients navigate difficult times will enable our entire team to better serve local residents facing charges and serious penalties for driving under the influence.

As a former prosecuting attorney, Rachel brings unique insight into the “other side.” As a prosecutor, Rachel handled an average of 1,000 criminal cases a year, including over 100 DUI cases each year. During this time, she cultivated a reputation as a skilled DUI and criminal litigator well-versed in current laws.

Rachel adds a viewpoint to DUIHeroes that many other firms do not have, and can evaluate a case from the perspective of both a defense attorney and prosecutor. This enables her to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case, anticipate the government’s stance, and enact effective strategies to secure the best resolution possible for our clients.

“I look forward to helping our clients through a very difficult time in their lives. Many people do not have any familiarity with the criminal justice system and I look forward to helping you navigate that process as smoothly and painlessly as possible. I will provide strong, competent, and caring representation. Most importantly, I will fight hard to get you the best possible result for your case. I am thrilled to be joining your defense team!”

Rachel will officially join DUIHeroes on Monday, April 3rd, and is prepared to hit the ground running.

Founding Attorney Johnathan Dichter and Rachel will be pooling their experience and working collaboratively as a team on every case our firm handles. Together, they bring more than two decades of criminal law experience to help clients protect their rights, freedoms, and futures when it matters most.

Want to learn more about what my firm can do for you following your DUI charge? Call my offices today to start exploring your options.

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