Weighing in on Deferred Prosecutions

Spokane Criminal Defense Lawyer Steve Graham posted recently on his blog discussing the perceived double standard of deferred prosecutions. I thought, as it is often seen as a “Get out of Jail Free” card (I’ve even used the phrase myself) that I’d weigh in.

As a Lynnwood DUI Lawyer I am of course well versed in the deferred prosecution program, and have had several clients apply for it. But do not under any circumstances expect it.

I give the example of a client who has racked up three DUIs in recent history, and appeals to the court for help with his drinking problem through the DP program. The court, knowing that this is seen as a get out of jail free card questions his commitment to sobriety and his future. The court continues the case just to see if the defendant is serious about it. Then puts him on ZERO TOLERANCE for the length of the DP.

I’ve seen these revoked and a full year be imposed.

Steve said it right. They’re easy to get (sometimes) – but HARD to complete.

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