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Washington ToxLab Redeux: Florida Breath Testing Mess

It’s nice to know that the Washington Toxicology Lab isn’t the only governmental agency that is more concerned with convicting you of DUI than of doing their jobs right and engaging in good science. Yet another breath test scandal has emerged, this time throwing out breath tests on the other side of the country.

The Orlando Sun-Sentinal is reporting taht 500-1000 breath tests throughout Broward County may be thrown out after the annual inspector for the breath testing devices admitted to interfering with inspections, casting doubt on the reliability of the machines.

This conjures up images of the recent Washington State Toxicology Lab fiasco, doesn’t it? We had perjury, rotten science, bad math, and a cover-up!

The basic thing to remember is that just because you’ve given a breath test doesn’t mean the results are accurate, and doesn’t mean that you have no chance in your DUI case.

Locally, many courts in King County (Seattle, Redmond, Burien) are still suppressing breath tests on a routine basis. Some courts in Snohomish County (Seattle, Bothell, Everett) have ranges of time that are unacceptable. But as always, it varies from case to case. Finding a defense attorney who is willing and able to combat the machines (and the prosecutors who love them) is paramount.

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