Celebrating This Labor Day? Watch Out for DUIs!

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Labor Day weekend is here again, which means that countless Washington families and friends will be getting together to celebrate the last days of summer. Along with all the barbecuing, pool, and beach activity, there is sure to be drinking as well. Law enforcement knows this and will once again display the heightened vigilance for DUI offenses that they demonstrate every year at this time.

Increased patrols and sobriety checkpoints will be a reality on the road this weekend, along with careful monitoring of sports events, bars, and other places people come to drink. That doesn't, however, mean that you cannot partake in celebrating or risk a DUI charge by doing so. By following a few crucial tips, you can safely celebrate this weekend without getting in trouble with the law.

Tips to Avoid a DUI

  • Downloading a ride sharing app. Services like Lyft and Uber are already being credited with a decrease in drunk driving offenses. They can offer an affordable way to get around without having to get behind the wheel.
  • Using a designated driver. If someone in your party is not a drinker, or willing to forgo alcohol, then making them the designated driver is recommended. Using a designated driver is still the most reliable and convenient way to avoid drunk driving.
  • Arranging an overnight stay. If it is possible to arrange an overnight stay with your friends or family, it is recommended you do so rather than driving late at night. Not only is intoxication a factor for many drivers during late hours, but so is fatigue.
  • Don't forget taxis and public transportation. While not always the most convenient or cost-effective, using a bus or cab to get home is certainly preferable to a DUI charge. Look into a bus schedule or cab service before leaving the house.
  • IF YOU ARE BOATING, take caution: Boat operators don't have many of these other DUI prevention options, but are still held to many of the same operator standards as motorists. If you are traveling on the water this weekend, carefully consider your responsibilities as a licensed operator before boating.

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