Washington Law Enforcement Creates Blood Warrant Database for Marijuana DUI

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Law enforcement agencies have been working diligently to establish effective and accurate measures for arresting, testing, and convicting motorists for driving under the influence of marijuana. One of the most difficult challenges that officers face when arresting drivers under suspicion of DUI is that they have to wait to obtain blood samples until they have warrants. The process for obtaining a blood draw warrant can take as long as four hours.

Because marijuana dissipates from the blood as time passes, longer waiting times for warrants can negatively impact the state's ability to charge and convict drivers. Since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in Washington, law enforcement agencies have focused on a need for securing blood draw warrants as quickly as possible, and have been developing an electronic blood warrant system to speed up the process.

The blood warrant system is considered the first of its kind in the country. It will consist of an online database that allows officers, judges, and prosecutors to communicate and share data in real time. With the database, the 4 hour process of manually filling out a form, calling a judge, receiving authorization, and filing a warrant could be shorted to just 30 minutes. The system will be undergoing testing this fall and is scheduled to be officially released next year.

Charged for Marijuana DUI? Put Experience on Your Side!

News of the new blood warrant database makes it clear that officers and prosecutors are intent on arresting and convicting motorists suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana. Although the database may in fact greatly shorten the time needed to obtain a warrant, it does little to address the many challenging aspects of proving a driver is "too high" to drive.

As we've covered in previous blogs, arrests for marijuana DUIs are on the rise, both in Washington state and across the country. Still, there are many concerns about the current marijuana DUI laws and legal limit in place, and there are numerous defenses to be used to challenge accusations and evidence brought against defendants.

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