Extra DUI Patrols in King & Snohomish Counties Planned for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday may very well be America's most highly anticipated sporting event of the year. For a number of fans, the game is in many ways just like a holiday. Friends and families gather together, celebrate, go out, and – of course – enjoy a few drinks. Just as with other holidays, however, Super Bowl Sunday is a time during which rates of alcohol-related auto accidents, injuries, and fatalities increase. This year, law enforcement officers throughout King County, the state of Washington, and the country are taking steps to see that this doesn't happen.

According to a press release by local officials, King County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County will be seeing extra law enforcement officers out on the road on Super Bowl Sunday. Officials credited the extra patrols to the fact that half of all traffic fatalities in the state of Washington on Super Bowl Sunday have involved an impaired driver. Since 2009, officers in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties have arrested 191 drivers for DUI. The anti-DUI campaign is known as Target Zero.

In an effort to combat historically high rates of drunk driving accidents this Super Bowl Sunday, more officers will be focusing on arresting motorists who display signs of impairment by alcohol or drugs. As with many other periods of increased DUI enforcement, however, overzealous officers are prone to making mistakes and arresting motorists without proper suspicion. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a DUI stop and arrest, all accused individuals should make it a priority to have an experienced DUI lawyer review their case.

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