Impaired Driver in King County Kills Cyclist

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A 30-year-old King County man is currently being charged with vehicular assault after striking and killing a bicyclist in late August. According to court papers, the accident occurred just before 11 a.m. on August 30. The cyclist, a 44-year-old man, was traveling in the road's shoulder in the 28600 block of Military Road South when he was struck by the suspect's Honda Civic. Witnesses reported that the suspect was driving erratically, swerved into the shoulder, and struck the cyclist without braking.

At the scene of the accident, law enforcement officers reported that the driver's speech was slurred and that he laughed when commenting on the fact that other drivers would have fled the scene. He was also noticeably unbalanced and visibly impaired from drug use. Upon questioning, the driver admitted to taking prescription medications, drinking a “few beers” and smoking marijuana. In court, the driver mentioned that he held a medical marijuana card. Currently, he remains jailed on $250,000 bail.

This particular case, while a horrific accident and experience that no family should have to endure, also helps illustrate a few things all local Washington residents should be aware of should they find themselves in similar situations. For one, driving under the influence is a charge that can arise from both alcohol intoxication and drug impairment. Given the fact that DUIs involving drugs often contain a number of unique challenges – especially when the drugs are prescription medications – working with experienced legal representation is important.

This case also helps residents of Washington understand that – amid our state's notable legalization of marijuana – local law enforcement agencies are eager to show that they will not tolerate individuals who drive stoned, or under the influence of marijuana. While testing standards have been constructed and implemented, there are still a number of questions regarding the ways in which marijuana DUI laws will be enforced. Although these questions still exist, there is no doubt that officers are intent on arresting impaired drivers and that the state of Washington is intent on convicting and penalizing offenders.

At DUIHeroes, a proven Lynnwood DUI attorney has the experience and resources you need to defend against serious criminal penalties. To learn more about marijuana DUI laws, DUIs involving drugs, and how our firm can be of assistance with your unique case, call toll-free (866) 620-9524 or local (425) 296-9358.

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