Halloween is Popular Holiday for DUIs

Halloween is not only a night for trick-or-treating and candy-collecting. For many adults, the night is also one for partying, getting together with friends, and letting loose. And for law enforcement officers, Halloween is an opportunity to nab drivers suspected of drinking and driving. Across the country, police departments publicly gear up for the holiday, announcing heightened awareness of drunk driving. The state of Washington is no different.

If you were caught in the state's fervor to arrest suspected drunk drivers on Halloween, don't wait to align yourself with a defense attorney from the DUIHeroes. A leader in DUI defense, DUIHeroes is prepared to aggressively and passionately challenge the allegations against you. When you have the DUIHeroes on your side, you'll have a skilled attorney dedicated to helping you try to avoid the penalties of a conviction for driving under the influence in Washington.

Benefits of working with DUIHeroes:

  • Jonathan Dichter focuses exclusively on DUI and DUI-related cases
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If you're facing a DUI or related charge, you need a proven defense attorney on your side and acting on your behalf. DUIHeroes has successfully handled countless cases of DUI, helping clients get their cases dismissed, reduced, or dropped.

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