Goodman Says Special Session will Pass the New Laws

As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney, I do everything I can to bring you the latest in DUI Law. That being said, it's a scary time to be a DUI defendant in Washington State right now. Roger Goodman (D-Kirkland) is sponsoring a bunch of very tough bills. The first drafts were far too harsh, but now the "compromised" versions are heading to special session.

Mandatory arrests for DUI suspects - with NO bail until you see a judge.

Requirements to have interlocks within 5 days on ALL DUI arrests.

DRASTICALLY increased penalties for repeat offenders.

And more.

What Goodman wants to do is "pass the toughest" DUI laws in the country. Here in Washington.

If you are a DUI suspect caught in this net, you need the best legal help you can get. Call Lynnwood DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter for your FREE CONSULTATION now at 425-424-9401.

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