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.05 DUI Alcohol Limit!?!?

In what can only be described as political pandering void of any scientific or rational basis, the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that every state lower the legal limit on alcohol from .08 to .05.

As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney, this appalls me. How we can arbitrarily draw a line in the sand and say "sure - no science says you're impaired, but we say you are anyhow" and choose to arrest our citizenry for it is ludicrous. Now couple that with the new and improved Washington State DUI Laws proposed in our Legislature right now and you'll see more and more citizens behind bars for victimless crimes.

See - I can say DUI is victimless. And do so honestly.


Because by definition - anyone charged with DUI did NOT hurt anyone. There are already separate crimes for Vehicular Assault and Homicide. Reducing the limit to .05 won't change them. It'll just make the State even more money off simple mistakes made by neighbors and friends.

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