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Arizona Court Allows Prosecution for Marijuana DUIs with ZERO affect

What do I mean by this?

Okay - let's start with some basics. As a Seattle DUI attorney who knows a good deal about Marijuana DUIs, it's important to first understand how marijuana works in the body.

When you injest Marijuana, it starts as a mood altering compound called THC. That is the compound that affects your ability to drive and/or think. However, after you metabolize it a metabolite called Carboxy-THC can remain in your blood stream for monthsy after you injest the marijuana - long after it's effects are gone.

According to the Seattle Times today, an Arizona appeals court has upheld the ability of a prosecutor to charge someone for DUI if the only thing in their blood is the metabolite that only exists after the marijuana is out of their system entirely.

This is a nonsensical and idiotic ruling, in my humble opinion. Regardless, it could be heralding problems here as our marijuana legalization begins to work it's way into our case law. We have to be diligent and make sure we are making good law in the courts.

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