Keep Your License and Registration Nearby When Driving

It can be disorienting and frightening to be pulled over by a police officer. Drivers typically get nervous when confronted by law enforcement and may stammer or shake as their nerves get to them. That is why it is important that drivers always keep their license and registration handy when operating a vehicle. When a driver is pulled over, these documents are typically the first thing that the officer will ask for. If one cannot locate them in a timely manner, this may cause the police officer to suspect the driver of a DUI.

This is due to the fact that those who are intoxicated are typically disoriented and may have a difficult time locating items in the car because of a loss of muscle control and blurred vision, not to mention outright confusion. Many women will place their driver's license in a deep purse, or drivers may toss their registration in an overcrowded glove box. Some may leave these documents in the trunk, or may have tossed them on the floor in the past where they are now buried under other items in the car.

It is best to place a driver's license and registration in an easy-to-locate spot in the car, such as in a small compartment near the dashboard or in the center console. Drivers may even want to designate an envelope which contains all of the necessary cards and papers that could be needed in a traffic stop. This organization will pay off when an individual is caught off-guard by a traffic stop and needs to produce a license and registration right away. If you have recently been arrested for a DUI or are dealing with a DUI-related offense and need representation in court, a Lynnwood DUI attorney at the DUIHeroes may be able to assist you.

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