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BACs Back in King County?

As a Snohomish and King County DUI Attorney, I know that Breath Tests (BACs) have been suppressed in King County Courts for a few years now. This all, of course, was because of the horrific dishonesty and mismanagement of the Toxicology Lab.

They’ve rectified some of the situations – and the King County Prosecutor’s office have asked for the Breath Tests to be readmitted. Tuesday they got their wish, sort of.

The Lynnwood PI reports that Breath Tests are back in, but in a separate ruling, they're requiring the uncertainty confidence intervals with all breath tests.

That separate ruling is the wrinkle in this for the prosecutor’s office. Without that uncertainty calculation, those tests are worthless scientifically. And for Satterberg to say they’re not required, and that we’re willing to convict and jail people on messy science, is just appauling. I applaud the court for the decision requiring these intervals to be provided to the jury and the defense.

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