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Superbowl Arrests Limited

As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney, local DUI patrols are something I keep a close eye on.

This past Super Bowl weekend, patrols were out in force.

According to the Snohomish Times, four DUI drivers were arrested in Snohomish County during the Super Bowl. This showed that the campaigns the Target Zero teams had been focusing on were moderately successful. 47 DUI drivers were arrested statewide during this emphasis patrol.

These Snohomish County DUI Emphasis patrols seem to be decreasing the number of impaired drivers on the road - but also are equipping the police with more tools to make sure that if you are impaired behind the wheel - that they get you.

If you were one of the four arrested on Sunday or any other day for that matter - you owe it to yourself to call Lynnwood DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter at 425-424-9401 right now to defend your rights and get started on your case.