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Huffing Behind the Wheel?

As a Seattle DUI Attorney, I try to advise my clients not to do anything behind the wheel that will impair them in any way. And Washington State is trying to close loopholes in a way to allow for even more DUI convictions to occur. is reporting that a significant loophole in the DUI laws in Washington may be being closed soon. The definition of drugs in Washington state excludes chemicals not created for humans to consume - and as such - huffing paint thinner behind the wheel may not be illegal.

Overall - the use of inhalants is on the rise, especially amongst teenagers, and the lawmakers really want to address this as soon as possible.

DUI with any drugs in your body is illegal - but now that they're going to specifically outlaw certain things - it'll create more specific DUI crimes to defend against. If you're charged with DUI with any drugs in your body at all - you owe it to yourself to call Seattle DUI attorney Jonathan Dichter for your FREE CONSULTATION at 425-424-9401.