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Why Weaving May NOT Be a Good Reason to Stop You

As a Seattle DUI Lawyer, I am frequently in the local courts aguing motions and trying cases to the judges. I also try to stay abrest of any developments in the law. Today's topic is not a new development, but rather one that many of my client's have no idea exists.

About a year or so ago, a Court case was decided in which the Court ruled that "brief" incursions over lane lines while driving might not be a good reason to pull you over. The reasoning behind this is that the Revised Code of Washington requires that you drive within your lane "as nearly as practible".

Now, obviously, this does not give you license to drive over the lane lines willy nilly.

But what it does, is give hope for those of you who have Snohomish County DUIs that even if you were pulled over for "weaving" that there might be ways to get your case completely dismissed. In fact, I had one dismissed just this Monday for exactly this reason.

If you've been pulled over for DUI, you owe it to yourself to have representation that knows the laws, the courts rulings, and how to use them to his advantage. Call Seattle DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter at 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION now!