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Scootin' away from your DUI

As a Seattle DUI Attorney, I do what I can to make sure my clients know how to handle themselves in the face of police action. I do not advise, however, the tactics of a man this weekend in Poulsbo, WA.

After being pulled over for running a red light, this motorist was investigated, and then while the officer when to get his portable breath testing device, the 48 year old man hopped on a motorized scooter and fled.

He fell over shortly there after and was arrested.

His alleged BAC was a .14.

Look - I'm all for creative thinking - but do not flee from the cops after being pulled over for your Seattle DUI - it's just a bad practice. The better practice would be to call Seattle DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter at 425-424-9401 for a FREE CONSULTATION!