12 DUIS?!?! With MORE coming???

It's got to be some sort of record.

As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney, I've seen folks with priors before - but never this many. Ever.

Apparently, a man from Spotsylvania has just pled guilty to his 12th DUI!!! Yes - he had 11 priors. And he's only 44 years old. Furthermore, he has warrants from at least two more, including a Washington State DUI!

It's hard to imagine how I'd react if he walked into my office, but here's what I do know:

He's entitled to the same vigorous defense I give every client - to try to make sure he doesn't get #13 on my watch!

If you're facing #13, #5, or even just DUI #1 - you need the best possible representation - and you can get that by calling Lynnwood DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter at 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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