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Is Big Brother Here?!?

The Seattle Times is reporting that U.S. Immigration and Customs has very discreetly activated a program allowing every single person booked into a jail in Washington to be checked against a national immigration database. This program actually exists in all counties in our state, as well as 45 other states.

The purpose is to identify and detain illegal immigrants, especially those that are committing crimes:

As a Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney, I am appalled by this. We here in Washington State have a higher right to privacy than in any other state (see Article 1 Section 7 of our Constitution). And yet, we are going to allow every single person to be fingerprinted and submitted to a national database whether or not there's any reason to believe their immigration status is in doubt??

This is not only ridiculous - but it flies in the face of a basic liberty. It's not long before we're all asked to show our "papers".

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