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Rubber Stamped DUIs

I've been a Lynnwood DUI Attorney a long time, and seen a lot of strange things. But this one takes the cake, my friends.

The internal investigation of the Lynnwood DUI Squad is finally over, and it has revealed startling things about Sgt. David Abe.

The Lynnwood Times reports that Sgt. Abe was often leaving work early, and sometimes under the influence of medicine that made him "whacky". His police car - often wouldn't start because the battery was dead.

Okay - aside from my dislike of the spelling of "wacky" as "whacky" - this is astonishing to me. We've been putting people in jail based on the investigations of a squad who were rubber stamping the signature of a seargeant who half the time was either physically absent, mentally absent, or BOTH?

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