As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney I get a lot of calls from potential new clients - I call them PNCs - with lots of questions.

But two days ago I got one I couldn't believe. I had to share.

My Mill Creek DUI office phone line is available 24 hours a day to folks to call with questions.

And I answered a call to the following statement.

"Hi. I got a DUI in Lynnwood the other day, and I'm calling around to see who will represent me cheapest."

This is the wrong way to search for a Lynnwood DUI attorney.

Let's face it - you could spend as little as $1000 total on your defense. Or you could go to a major firm you see on King5 representing the Seahawks and pay $10,000 or more! So what's the difference? How do you choose?

Not by looking for the cheapest. But by looking for the best.

Is more than 50% of their work DUI? 70%? 80%?

Are they nationally trained and recognized as a member of national organizations, like the National College for DUI Defense?

Do they do a proper investigation? Do they subpoena officers? Are they trial attorneys? How available to you are they?

You need to find quality DUI defense - not cheap DUI defense.

And in the world of Mill Creek DUI defense, you can't go wrong by calling me, Lynnwood DUI attorney Jonathan Dichter for your FREE consultation now!

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