As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney, I’ve seen a lot of interesting cases in my day. But this one is really fascinating. Not because of the facts, but rather, because of what the articles DON’T tell you.

The Times is reporting that a 31 year old bride was arrested for DUI (her second) on her way home from her bachelorette party. They're repoting her BAC at .146.

Now here’s what’s missing from this article.

1) The prior DUI may or may not be relevant here, but the Time sure as heck got it in there!

2) BACs right now are NOT admissible in King County District Court – yet the Times prints her BAC at .146 – and how the heck did they GET this information? If it’s not admissible, shouldn’t it be held onto until, I don’t know, a JUDGE decides?

3) King County District Court is currently no less than SIX MONTHS behind on their filings. That means this poor woman, who has to first face off against the DOL will wait until NEXT YEAR most likely before she ever has a chance to tell her side of the story or defend herself. But the Times is having a heyday with her in the meantime.

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