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ARIDE - WSP's New DUI Super Troopers

Look out potential Washington DUI clients – the Washington State Patrol has a new class of Super DUI Troopers – graduates of the ARIDE program.

But here’s the real question: what about the troopers who do NOT have ARIDE training? Are they less effective? Or are the ARIDE troopers just that much MORE effective?

Or is this just a WSP media blitz? I mean – if we can’t get breath tests admissible because we keep messing the science up, we better start creating supercops, right?

Here’s the problem with ARIDE, folks. Either they’re conceding that the NON ARIDE officers don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re really trying to work around the breath test problem by creating subjective officer opinions by supercops. Either way it’s a smokescreen. Officers are human – just like everyone.

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