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Rash of High Profile DUI Cases

Yes – in King and Snohomish County DUI is all the rage right now. We have vehicular homicides, repeat offenders, and news articles galore. I've seen no less than 4-5 articles pre-judging and assuming all sorts of things that the system is supposed to prove.

As a Seattle DUI Attorney, I’ve seen many folks with repeat offenses. But here’s the rub. Why demonize these folks? Anyone can make a mistake. Anyone with a substance abuse problem can make multiple mistakes. Regardless – the public right now is SO galvanized against DUI drivers that if you find yourself in this situation – you NEED quality legal defense. Don’t look for value. Look for THE BEST.

Call Seattle DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter at 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION – he will be compassionate to you and your situation, and yet fight relentlessly against the prosecutor on your behalf.