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Why the iPad could change how I practice Law

Normally I would leave something of this type to my good friend Aaron Pelley, who houses the Criminal Defense Law with an Apple blog over at his site. I’m sure he’ll weigh in on this, but I had to get my $0.02 in. Before going into this, it should be known that I created an entirely Mac Based law office for myself.

Like most technophiles, I waited with baited breath for Steve to unveil the iPad today at the Apple media event. And like many, I have mixed emotions. I like the concept of an on the go tablet that is easier to deal with than a MacBook, and yet more powerful than my iPhone. I love that it’ll have an iWork suite available, and that Keynote will run natively. I can easily bring presentations with me wherever I go. With the 30-pin connector, I can likely connect the tablet easily to a projector and give closing arguments to a jury with ease and appear totally techno-savvy.

Think of this – I scan every single doc for every single file. If I can use the iPad as a hard disk – I can put my video, photo, and pdf files for ANY case on it at ANY time. Sure I can do the same thing with my MacBook Pro, but it’s lighter and smaller. Not to mention the cool factor.

That being said – the iPad lacked one key feature I’d like and that’s multitasking. With the iPhone it’s no big deal. How many apps can I run on that screen at a time.

But to not have it on the iPad is a problem. Hopefully one Apple will fix quickly. Because to be able to have my entire trial file at a fingertips touch – to be able to manipulate photos or NHTSA manuals on the fly – and also have a note app open so I can take notes on what the officer bungled – now there’s a winner, and I’d already have one pre-ordered.

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