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Lying Cop Gets Job Back (WITH BACK PAY)

Having been a Washington criminal defense attorney for seven years, I know that not all police officers are always honest about everything in police reports. That being said – I want to be clear here – MOST cops are good people out there trying hard to do a good job. We all play a roll in the system, and I appreciate law enforcement officers as much as the next citizen.

However – we want our officers to be honest, reliable, trustworthy, and able to show restraint – especially as it relates to injuring suspects.

At least that’s what I thought. Meet Officer Eric Werner.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Eric Werner is getting his job back plus back pay. All of this although he forgot that he'd punched an interviewee who was complaining about police misconduct.

Okay – I’m not sure what we as citizens should be more outraged at. This guy “forgot” that he PUNCHED a subject who was being interviewed for complaining that he was TAZED too many times. Except that he didn’t “forget”. If he had, then he wouldn’t have “come clean”. Let’s face it folks – he lied. So now we have a lying cop back on the force. And not only did we let him back on – we PAID him for the “VACATION” he got by lying.

But wait – the outrage continues. There’s a 52 name LIST of lying cops and witnesses. And that’s JUST King County.

If you’ve found yourself on the wrong end of a dishonest cop, you need a criminal defense lawyer who’s unafraid to take on the police directly. Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Dichter has been fighting to keep cops honest and protect your rights for seven years, and is happy to offer you a FREE CONSULTATION. Call him now at 425-424-9401.